1. Arbanitis sp. Wafer lid

    Arbanitis sp. Wafer lid

    Also has extremely stripey legs compared many of its fellow genus members
  2. Arbanitis sp.... Wafer lid?

    Arbanitis sp.... Wafer lid?

    A very elusive and unique species among this genus. It is one of only a few that construct lids. but more than that, it hinges them from the bottom like a drawbridge, and constructs a ring of silk around the burrow in place of triplines. Unlike all my others, this little one has webbed everywhere
  3. Arbanitis sp. Gold

    Arbanitis sp. Gold

    Quick bumble around my hand while transferring to her new, much larger enclosure. Absolutely beautiful
  4. My goddess

    My goddess

    Arbanitis sp. Gold, my first trapdoor who pretty much started me on my arachnid adventure. Today, she is finally getting a castle fit for a queen
  5. Tube spider

    Tube spider

    Arbanitis sp.
  6. Arbanitis sp.#2

    Arbanitis sp.#2

    Dark coloured Arbanitis Longipes with no pattern and not much metallic hair.
  7. Arbanitis sp.

    Arbanitis sp.

    Tube spider species.
  8. Fabulous feeding GIF

    Fabulous feeding GIF

    1 year in the making. Arbanitis sp., Golden tube spider
  9. Who's there?

    Who's there?

    Golden tube spider, Arbanitis sp. This is the first video I've been able to take of her since she arrived last year
  10. More golden tube action

    More golden tube action

  11. Golden tube spider that's actually visible

    Golden tube spider that's actually visible

    Arbanitis sp. Coramba has finally let me take not just a bunch of photos, but a full video of her catching food. She is in heavy premolt and still this vivid. Normally, her leg hairs are bright red, but I honestly am so thrilled to finally get a decent photo of this species after many months
  12. Arbanitis sp. Tambourine (GIF)

    Arbanitis sp. Tambourine (GIF)

    She chomp
  13. First post molt feed (GIF)

    First post molt feed (GIF)

    Arbanitis sp. Wooli. One of the few specialised environment species in this genus I have. Body length of 43mm
  14. My first spider!

    My first spider!

    Arbanitis sp. Gold from where I live. I owe this beautiful girl so much, and her impressive fang to spinneret length of 45mm is awesome
  15. jobsite rescue

    jobsite rescue

    Arbanitis sp. Glenreagh. Found on our jobsite among many other abandoned and dead holes, presumably due to dehydration. The soil is dry down to a foot deep with the lack of rain we've had
  16. Another wild trapdoor burrow

    Another wild trapdoor burrow

    Likely A.Longipes
  17. A.Longipes


    Very strong metallic sheen as typical in this species
  18. My most illusive specimen

    My most illusive specimen

    Arbanitis sp. Coramba, my golden tube spider. Of all my various specimens from this genus, none come even close to comparing to the stunning sunset red "feather leg hairs" this girl has. She comes out of her tube for 1 hour about once a week, and Ive never gotten a decent photo of her since arrival.
  19. Double time

    Double time

    Arbanitis sp. Wooli and Aname sp. Gold
  20. Arbanitis sp. Tambourine

    Arbanitis sp. Tambourine

    After a molt she is 100% my second biggest trapdoor. Currently the same legspan as both my Euoplos sp. except with awesome stripes. Had her out for a brief de-miting session