arbanitis longipes

  1. Behind-the-scenes shot for video

    Behind-the-scenes shot for video

    I used this setup for the little video:
  2. Arbanitis longipes

    Arbanitis longipes

    SE Queensland locality.
  3. Arbanitis longipes

    Arbanitis longipes

    Another new arrival. Arbanitis longipes, the "Longlegged" trapdoor.
  4. Arbanitis sp.#2

    Arbanitis sp.#2

    Dark coloured Arbanitis Longipes with no pattern and not much metallic hair.
  5. Another wild trapdoor burrow

    Another wild trapdoor burrow

    Likely A.Longipes
  6. A.Longipes


    Very strong metallic sheen as typical in this species
  7. Arbanitis Longipes inside tube

    Arbanitis Longipes inside tube

    She peek
  8. Arbanitis Longipes

    Arbanitis Longipes

    This little female has extended her above ground tube at least another 20mm
  9. A.Longipes juvi

    A.Longipes juvi

    One last handle will rehousing it to it's larger forest floor setup
  10. Arbanitis Longipes

    Arbanitis Longipes

    Mt. Tambourine variant. Completely gold carapace
  11. Arbanitis sp. 1(Trapdoor)

    Arbanitis sp. 1(Trapdoor)

    Arbanitis Longipes, showing heaps of gold hair. This girl was chrome coloured as a juvie
  12. Golden Tube Spider (presumed female)

    Golden Tube Spider (presumed female)

    These are so rare I'm darn well hoping for a female it will be a pain to find another one. The webbing of their inner burrow is 4mm thick and feels like a PVC pipe due to how strong it is
  13. Golden Tube Spider setup

    Golden Tube Spider setup

    Luckily Ive had a schematic in mind for these long before today. Top left has a hollow half-pipe bark if it wants to utilise that instead of making a tube, top right has a plant stem mimic to build a proper tube against and bottom right bark piece easily allows water to be added from the bottom
  14. Finally got a male

    Finally got a male

    I thought all my A.Longipes were females but surprise surprise one molted today and I got a male. Now I can start my breeding project.
  15. Minefield in a box

    Minefield in a box

    Arbanitis Longipes slings have emerged and been rehoused into a new tub. Come feeding time the ground errupts with slings trying to catch food.
  16. Rescued Misgolas Rapax/Arbanitis Longipes

    Rescued Misgolas Rapax/Arbanitis Longipes

    Found her limply making silk 15cm away from her burrow, she drank a heap of water and kinda perked up. Missing a leg I suspect due to landscapers doing work where I got her. Originally there 160 holes on the jobsite, a week later there were 43. Now there's just 3. :(