1. Emp female gravid??

    Emp female gravid??

    P. imperator female. So she been staying with a male for a few months, and she been getting swollen and ravenous like a meat grinder. Can I assume she's gravid?
  2. Pandora the Empress

    Pandora the Empress

    My big female emp, she's showing many signs of being gravid, her body is swelling and she's becoming quite ravenous and food motivated. Hopefully she'll give birth to a few dozen scorpions soon!!
  3. Euphrynichus bacillifer

    Euphrynichus bacillifer

    Very freshly moulted.
  4. Phrynus whitei

    Phrynus whitei

  5. Phrynus marginemaculatus Dominican Repubulic

    Phrynus marginemaculatus Dominican Repubulic

  6. Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

    Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

  7. Phrynus barbadensis

    Phrynus barbadensis

  8. What has been lost?

    What has been lost?

    Leaving Mt Tomah, NSW, Australia, following 16 hours on the fireground. A part of a larger fire complex, known as the Gospers Mountain fire, which has destroyed over 400,000 hectares of prime bushland (2+ million ha razed in NSW). What species, undiscovered and/or undescribed, are also now lost?
  9. Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

    Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

    Amblypygi have different temperaments and feeding responses just like different tarantula species. While my Euphrynichus bacillifer is very shy about eating, and never does it in front of me, both my Phrynus attack their food within moments of me putting it in their enclosure.
  10. 0.0.1 P. metallica

    0.0.1 P. metallica

    One of my two P. metallica slings has been eating VERY well... Let's hope a molt is coming soon lol
  11. Phrynus barbadensis Juvenile

    Phrynus barbadensis Juvenile

    Freshly moulted and going in for the kill. I love watching them hunt - they even hunt pre-killed prey, which is what I always feed them.
  12. Augacephalus breyeri

    Augacephalus breyeri

  13. B. vagans

    B. vagans

  14. Hapalopus sp. Columbia large

    Hapalopus sp. Columbia large

    Hapalopus sp. Columbia large
  15. Hapalopus sp. Colombia Large

    Hapalopus sp. Colombia Large

    The only species I have ever had who moults consistently in less than a month.
  16. Avicularia purpurea

    Avicularia purpurea

  17. D. Diamantinensis

    D. Diamantinensis

    10x optical zoom mature female
  18. IMG_4771


    Damon diadema after molting
  19. Entrepulchranhandur

    The Addiction Corner

    Here it is. The Addiction Corner. You know what it's about. For when that unrelenting Need to turn the internet upon all your favorite online dealers, select all the spiders you want and need in your collection (the ones you can find, anyway).. and buy them. All. You buy ALL the spiders. Not...