1. steindachneri


  2. A. seemanni

    A. seemanni

    my AF A. seemanni taking an evening peek out of her burrow
  3. Finally Nike's going fossorial!

    Finally Nike's going fossorial!

    I noticed her burrow was a little too shallow for her to fit inside. So I scooped out two or three handfuls or substrate to give her a little more room. Low and behold, this morning, she's dug all the way to the bottom of the enclosure and awoke to a massive mound of substrate! I couldn't be happier
  4. Aphonopelma seemanni [ventral sexing]

    Aphonopelma seemanni [ventral sexing]

    Suspected female Aphonopelma seemanni, recently back from a walkabout in the spare bedroom. LOL.
  5. A. Seemanni Ventral Double Check

    A. Seemanni Ventral Double Check

    Just reverifying that my female is actually a female. I really can't wait for her to molt to verify it for myself, so hopefully someone will provide me with the right answer.
  6. "Good morning everyone!"

    "Good morning everyone!"

    Nike's good morning pose. I spoke to her personally, and she wishes you all a happy sunday.
  7. Nike's Super Sized Booty

    Nike's Super Sized Booty

    Do not worry friends, after some forum consultation, she is being placed on a more strict feeding schedule. How can you be the goddess of speed if you can't run?
  8. Aphonopelma chalcodes [ventral sexing]

    Aphonopelma chalcodes [ventral sexing]

    Wild caught 4.5" aphonopelma chalcodes. I suspect female. Thoughts?
  9. Aphonopelma bicoloratum

    Aphonopelma bicoloratum

    A.bicoloratum ,coloring up nicely.
  10. Aphonopelma bicoloratum

    Aphonopelma bicoloratum

    New arrival
  11. Waldo or Waldette?

    Waldo or Waldette?

    It's about a 4 to 5 inch A. seemanni have had it for about a month. Will try to eat anything put in its cage, including hands and paint brushes. Haha. Well haven't tested out the hand theory. Just trying to attpy sexing. Thanks for helping
  12. Nike waiting eagerly for her next victim.

    Nike waiting eagerly for her next victim.

  13. A. Seemanni

    A. Seemanni

    5 1/2 inch DLS Female
  14. Aphonopelma seemanni

    Aphonopelma seemanni

    another pic of my A. seemanni