aphonopelma seemanni

  1. I need a name!! Help

    I need a name!! Help

    I know she’s a “Skeleton”/“Striped Knee”, but would like to know her proper name. Well other than “Arania” lol. Thank you in advance!!
  2. A. seemanni

    A. seemanni

    I just got this little one today, and was wondering if anyone could give a guess what it is?
  3. Acanthoscurria geniculata?

    Acanthoscurria geniculata?

    Acanthoscurria geniculata?
  4. Any guess on my gender ?

    Any guess on my gender ?

    This juvenile Seenami, anyone with experience can offer advice on ventral sexing ? Thanks
  5. A seemanni

    A seemanni

    Size of molt is at 3.5" DLS I'm seeing male accessory organs right? Or is it my eyes deceiving me again? Apologies for the potato quality, that's best my phone can do.
  6. A.seemani: M/F?

    A.seemani: M/F?

    A.seemani juvenile/sub-adult 4x magnification. Female?
  7. 1.0 Aphonopelma Seemanni "Nicaragua"  Accessory Organ

    1.0 Aphonopelma Seemanni "Nicaragua" Accessory Organ

  8. ID Request

    ID Request

    My local exotics store has had this T for while and they aren’t selling it yet because they haven’t been able to identify the species. I told the owner I’d post here and see if I could get some feedback.
  9. This is color normal ?

    This is color normal ?

    Seemanni kind of pale looking. Is this normal ?
  10. G. pulchripes or A. seemanni?

    G. pulchripes or A. seemanni?

  11. Seemani (2)

    Seemani (2)

    my hole so i close it if i want it
  12. A.Seemanni


    My sub-adult male Aphonopelma Seemanni "Legolas" posing nicely with the fake flowers in his new enclosure. My MOST docile T in my collection, an absolute sweetheart x
  13. A Seemanni

    A Seemanni

    Juvenile Seemanni front up shot
  14. Aphonopelma Appearance

    Aphonopelma Appearance

    Is that my fossorial's gorgeous legs I see?? I haven't seen her directly for almost a year
  15. Aphonopelma Seemani sexing.

    Aphonopelma Seemani sexing.

    So I'm still new to sexing my Ts but I think I might have a male here. Not sure if this would be its final molt either as when I brought it home it appeared to be sub adult size. I just wanted to see if I could get confirmation of gender possibly! Hope the photos good enough.
  16. 0.1 A. seemanni Superworm Feeding

    0.1 A. seemanni Superworm Feeding

    It's a been a while since the last picture of her, but yea.... She's doing fine.
  17. 0.1 Aphonopelma Seemanni "Nicaragua"

    0.1 Aphonopelma Seemanni "Nicaragua"

  18. Aphonopelma seemanni

    Aphonopelma seemanni

    So pretty
  19. Alphonopelma seemanni 3"

    Alphonopelma seemanni 3"

    Male? Or Female?
  20. Aphonopelma seemanni, DLS 4"

    Aphonopelma seemanni, DLS 4"

    Unsure of age. Any thoughts on boy or girl? Thanks!