antilles pinktoe tarantula

  1. Caribena versicolor Pairing Acrobatics

    Caribena versicolor Pairing Acrobatics

    You have to admit that this is impressive... even for a tarantula. Caribena versicolor successful pairing. And yes, I was holding a catch cup under her in case she fell.
  2. Caribena versacolor

    Caribena versacolor

    Lil fella decided to pop out for a picture! :)
  3. C.versicolor sling

    C.versicolor sling

    I wish she could stay like this forever
  4. Digging through tons of photos

    Digging through tons of photos

    found a gem of a shot I forgot to post months ago.
  5. C. versicolor l7 m

    C. versicolor l7 m

  6. C. Versicolor l8 m

    C. Versicolor l8 m

  7. C. versicolor l10 m

    C. versicolor l10 m

  8. C. versicolor l7

    C. versicolor l7

  9. C. versicolor l7

    C. versicolor l7

  10. C. versicolor sling

    C. versicolor sling

  11. C. versicolor sling arrived

    C. versicolor sling arrived

    So adorable :D
  12. Freshly Molted Blueberry (Caribena versicolor 1")

    Freshly Molted Blueberry (Caribena versicolor 1")

  13. Caribena versicolor 3"

    Caribena versicolor 3"

    Sorry for the glare, was the best pic I could get. Since the last molt this T has been acting strange. Destroyed its web home, hardly eating, and constantly wandering its enclosure. So I'm assuming male?
  14. Beautiful little T.

    Beautiful little T.

    Pic of my beautiful C. versicolor. Taken with flash since the natural light was fading.
  15. Caribena versicolor

    Caribena versicolor

    Caribena versicolor, She/he is after sixth moult. Have it from little sling and growing much slower than siblings so I am hoping for a girl ;) Not sure if its not to early to say what sex it is ?
  16. 1.0 MM C. versicolor Fuzzball

    1.0 MM C. versicolor Fuzzball

    He's mature now so I'll be saying goodbye soon once he's ready. This is one of his last photos that I'll have of him.
  17. So Tiny!

    So Tiny!

    Caribena Versicolor Just got this little thing, suggestions on feeders?
  18. Caribena versicolor.

    Caribena versicolor.

    I see your blue colors, shining through. Lol.
  19. Caribena versicolor

    Caribena versicolor

    Feather showing off her fresh colors. Fluffier than ever!
  20. C. versicolor

    C. versicolor