1. B. Albiceps

    B. Albiceps

    Some much needed appreciation of this species.
  2. Nom noms

    Nom noms

    This is Kratos. Kratos likes crickets.
  3. Brachypelma Albiceps #2

    Brachypelma Albiceps #2

    Second attempt, male or female? Best two pics I could take >.<
  4. Brachypelma Albiceps #1

    Brachypelma Albiceps #1

    Bad pic but might as well try lol. Male or female?
  5. Brachypelma albiceps [molt sexing]

    Brachypelma albiceps [molt sexing]

    Is my Brachypelma Albiceps really a female? I have doublts but I need a second opinion people. Can someone help a brother in legs? Lol
  6. Help gender of my Ts

    Help gender of my Ts

    is it a male or female? Tnx
  7. New Babies

    New Babies

    Just wanted to share a new addition to my spidey family. Rosea, Albicep, Boehmei. And all of them are in their pre molt !
  8. Male B. albiceps

    Male B. albiceps

    Happy Festivus!!!
  9. 0.1 Brachypelma albiceps

    0.1 Brachypelma albiceps

    I forgot to post this here after Nico moulted... Doh!
  10. Hurry up and molt!

    Hurry up and molt!

    My B Albiceps seems to have been in pre-molt forever. Hopefully it will be soon and I can find out the sex
  11. Female B. albiceps

    Female B. albiceps

  12. B. albiceps

    B. albiceps

  13. B. albiceps

    B. albiceps

  14. King Joffrey

    King Joffrey

    B. albiceps known as King Joffrey
  15. B.albiceps Molted

    B.albiceps Molted

    He looks new and improved!
  16. Red Rump Feeding

    Red Rump Feeding

    I have this very tiny red rump, i tried feeding a half dead small cricket and its been in there for about a full 27 hours and it hasnt seemed to touch it. Should i be concerned with the lack of eating out of this little booger!?
  17. B Albiceps Juvenile

    B Albiceps Juvenile

    Not great quality pic but can anyone tell the sex?
  18. B. albiceps

    B. albiceps

    I'm glad to see this lovely lady out and about more these days.
  19. Female B. albiceps

    Female B. albiceps

    Large and in charge...
  20. B. albiceps female

    B. albiceps female

    This is the first time I've seen this gorgeous girl out and about in a month or so. She's been hiding a lot lately and not eating, so perhaps she's prepping for a molt.