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adult female

  1. Pamphobeteus sp. Machala Adult Female - 8"+

    Pamphobeteus sp. Machala Adult Female - 8"+

    I wanted to get some decent photos of this stunningly gorgeous girl, but this is what I got when I removed her to a staging area for photos. Poor little tyke.
  2. Namea sp. Tamborine "black"

    Namea sp. Tamborine "black"

    Just rehoused this beauty, i have 2 now with 1 being slightly smaller. They are busy excavating as of now
  3. Euoplos Grandis

    Euoplos Grandis

    A close up shot of this absolutely gorgeous (and enormous) new specimen, easily sporting an 80-90mm legspan. The vibrant red on the carapace is truly stunning
  4. giant Euoplos Grandis

    giant Euoplos Grandis

    When i read they are capable of reaching the size of your palm, that somehow didnt register in my mind. Photos cannot possibly do justice to how huge this trapdoor is, dwarfing even my largest Namea Salanitri and Cataxia Pulleini for legspan and mass
  5. 0.1 B. horrida

    0.1 B. horrida

    Adult female Bumba horrida, freshly molted.
  6. 0.1 Nhandu chromatus

    0.1 Nhandu chromatus

    Storm rocking her new suit
  7. Psalmopoeus pulcher Adult Female - ~4.5"

    Psalmopoeus pulcher Adult Female - ~4.5"

  8. Aphonopelma seemanni Adult Female - ~5"

    Aphonopelma seemanni Adult Female - ~5"

  9. Kochiana brunnipes Adult Female

    Kochiana brunnipes Adult Female

  10. Pamphobeteus sp. Machala Adult Female - ~8+"

    Pamphobeteus sp. Machala Adult Female - ~8+"

    Take a few weeks after moulting and she is still jet black like this.
  11. Avicularia avicularia M6 (formerly metallica) Adult Female

    Avicularia avicularia M6 (formerly metallica) Adult Female

  12. 0.1 P. reduncus

    0.1 P. reduncus

    4.25" adult female Psalmopoeus reduncus.
  13. 0.1 P. cambridgei

    0.1 P. cambridgei

    6.5" adult female Psalmopoeus cambridgei.
  14. Hymenopus coronatus, freshly molted female

    Hymenopus coronatus, freshly molted female

    This little angel got her wings today. Molting is always exciting, but I didn't expect her to be this huge. Now she's even deadlier...
  15. Cyriocosmus bertae/aueri Adult Female - 2.5"

    Cyriocosmus bertae/aueri Adult Female - 2.5"

    I've had this girl for years - since she was a tiny spiderling - and I have only managed to photograph her twice. She is one of the most reclusive of all the dwarfs I've kept. She is also one of the largest. She was sold in Canada as Cyriocosmus bertae, but is likely Cyriocosmus aueri.
  16. Euathlus pulcherrimaklaasi/truculentus Adult Female - ~4"

    Euathlus pulcherrimaklaasi/truculentus Adult Female - ~4"

    Sold in Canada as pulcherrimaklaasi, but is probably truculentus.
  17. F8FFB517-F830-44B5-B038-9CFAC5A8BA48.jpeg


  18. Adult female P. regalis

    Adult female P. regalis

    About 6,5 cm BL
  19. 0.1 Lampropelma nigerrimum

    0.1 Lampropelma nigerrimum

    Aurora rocking her new suit.
  20. Namea Salanitri AF

    Namea Salanitri AF

    Big girl almost as long as my thumb now. While i bought her as Namea Salanitri, her colouration is quite on the metallic side and more typical of Aname sp.