1. A. geniculata development

    A. geniculata development

    Bottom pic is Sep 14th top is Jan 17th, what do you guys think? Reasonable growth for the species??
  2. A.geniculata 3cm body

    A.geniculata 3cm body

    Male or female?
  3. A.geniculata sling rearranging

    A.geniculata sling rearranging

    Caught my little genic rearranging it's stuff today. It decided it was time to rip the cork bark 'beam' it had holding it's leaf roof up and carry it across the enclosure .
  4. A. geniculata

    A. geniculata

    I like them thick...
  5. Acanthoscurria geniculata [ventral sexing]

    Acanthoscurria geniculata [ventral sexing]

    8cm Acanthoscurria geniculata. Sex please if clear enough :)
  6. Acanthoscurria geniculata

    Acanthoscurria geniculata

    Guessing male.
  7. 0.1 Acanthoscurria geniculata

    0.1 Acanthoscurria geniculata

    Rogue rocking her new suit, and stuffing her face.
  8. Acanthoscurria geniculata 1,5 Y

    Acanthoscurria geniculata 1,5 Y

  9. 6 months difference comparison

    6 months difference comparison

    Got it at 3/4" sling now its alittle over 2" juvenile in 6 months. Shes already molted like 4 times! A.geniculata white knee
  10. 1.0 Acanthoscurria chacoana

    1.0 Acanthoscurria chacoana

    Kano rocking his new suit.
  11. A. geniculata

    A. geniculata

    Molt destroyed yet again.
  12. White Knee molted .....

    White Knee molted .....

    White Knee and molt
  13. Acanthoscurria geniculata

    Acanthoscurria geniculata

    I took this picture about a month ago and thought Bazz looked cute :)
  14. A.geniculata 2" pic 2/2

    A.geniculata 2" pic 2/2

    think I finnally found the flap after looking for 10mins. It's so tiny
  15. A.geniculata 2" pic 1/2

    A.geniculata 2" pic 1/2

    Woke up to find a fresh molt.
  16. A.geniculata 2 diff kinds side by side

    A.geniculata 2 diff kinds side by side

    Both are 3/4" Left is regular a.geniculata and the right is supposed to be the brocklehursti morph. I wanted to show the two next to each other incase someone needs a reference photo about what kind of a.geniculata they got. People sell these both as a.geniculata wide band/narrow band.
  17. A. Geniculata 2" [2/2]

    A. Geniculata 2" [2/2]

    Second picture
  18. A. Geniculata 2" [1/2]

    A. Geniculata 2" [1/2]

    It has this cream color lip thing near booklungs but also that black dot above it lol looks like a sheMale? Lol does it look male or female? Very confusing
  19. A.geniculata male or female?

    A.geniculata male or female?

  20. Acanthoscurria geniculata

    Acanthoscurria geniculata

    i know it's not the best photo, she's only 3cm... but what do you think? male or female?