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  1. fleetwoodmcc

    Things that bug you in the hobby

    I don't really think there's anything wrong with bringing this thread back, its not like theres any need for another one, and its only from July?
  2. fleetwoodmcc

    Things that bug you in the hobby

    Glass 10 gallon fishtanks.
  3. fleetwoodmcc

    What's the best sp for new breeder

    Yeah, there's nothing wrong with it, its just really hard to make any substantive money breeding spiders without a major operation.
  4. fleetwoodmcc

    Spare Enclosure... What should I fill it with?

    I think he's probably filled the enclosure by now
  5. fleetwoodmcc

    Damaged spider collection

    Sounds like backwash, fairly common after a spider eats. Don't know the technical term or whatever.
  6. fleetwoodmcc

    P metallica questions

    Sounds like you just came here wanting people to tell you it'll be okay. You're going to see it in person, you've got this mentality that "you're going to get bitten." Idk, seems like you're jumping the gun to me.
  7. fleetwoodmcc

    People calling tarantulas their children/babies. Why?

    I do think some people take the 'babies,' 'adorable,' maybe even 'beautiful' too far. I don't even care about the anthropormorphising. It's just really odd. They're cool, definitely neat, but they're not that cute. If someone constantly called other pets their baby, it would be odd, too...
  8. fleetwoodmcc

    white tarantula?

    M balfouri is white/cream/offwhite, besides the blue legs.
  9. fleetwoodmcc

    Help! I disturbed my sling while molting and need advice before I panic more.

    First, zombie thread. Second, was the spider molting or not? If you think it was, what makes you think that? Do you have any photos?
  10. fleetwoodmcc

    Fun thread: What are the 7 deadly tarantula sins?

    Hate to be the obnoxious board heavy, but you're not supposed to post pictures that you don't own:
  11. fleetwoodmcc

    Age of agression?

    Its a song from Skyrim lmao
  12. fleetwoodmcc

    Growth Rate For Pink Zebra Beauty

    Yeah I was responding to Irma’s comment not the ones from 15 years ago lmao
  13. fleetwoodmcc

    Paranoid new owner!!

    "Yo dude look my tarantula ate this plastic man's head crazy right"
  14. fleetwoodmcc

    To(o) blue or not to(o) blue

    Yeah, not as much of a fan of it on Pokies. Seems like that ugly highlighter yellow. Looks good on Regalis, but nowhere near the electric blue, especially with the ways the legs are almost split down the middle. Generally, and I know this might be sacreligious... I dont think pokies are that...
  15. fleetwoodmcc

    To(o) blue or not to(o) blue

    Chilobrachys sp. electric blue would be stunning if it was red, orange, yellow, green, whatever...the pattern, tucked inside the legs and on the chelicerae, is just unreal. That species is incredible.
  16. fleetwoodmcc

    To(o) blue or not to(o) blue

    M. balfouri and I. mira are both about the right amount of blue for my tastes. P. metallica, P. sazimai, D. diamantienesis, GBB are just sort of ugly. C. lividum, though, that's an attractive blue spider.
  17. fleetwoodmcc

    Growth Rate For Pink Zebra Beauty

    Hey, you picked an amazing first. I think this is among the most underrated of the 'beginner' species and just blows away A. seemani, or really any Aphonopelma.
  18. fleetwoodmcc

    Lost for words...

    No, he's the one who uploaded it here, not the guy from reddit.
  19. fleetwoodmcc

    Lost for words...

    If he wants to do something stupid like that, he can, but posting it gives the wrong idea to plenty of impressionable people. So its not him getting bit, rather, its the next moron who decides its ok and DOES get bit.
  20. fleetwoodmcc

    Lost for words...

    Reddit has really hit rock bottom in terms of good husbandry and giving handling <edit> a hard time. I wish some keepers from on here would go over there and offer opinions more frequently because a lot of beginners on that board see things like this and get the absolute wrong idea. Handling is...