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    First Big Centipede questions

    You will find a multitude of sellers right here in the classifieds section from the US.
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    HELP! Scorpion sting and chronic lasting effects???

    c exilicauda was found in great number by Polis on sandy beaches right near the water in Baja.
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    Scolopendra gigantea white legs

    It never hurts to have deep substrate. For some reason the “galapagoensis” I had preferred staying out in the open but some of the SA giants will dig deep.
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    Crawled out of a houseplant

    They will eat pre killed prey.
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    Crawled out of a houseplant

    Small cricket or small mealworm a couple times a month should be fine. To my knowledge the Lithobius sp are communal. When I’ve found them they are usually several in the same spot.
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    Crawled out of a houseplant

    Micro mealworms will be gobbled up.
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    Scorpion in Los Angeles

    I would agree C sculpturatus. Any type of population of these in Southern California is documentation worthy.
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    Mealworms look like cotton

    Go with live mealworms.
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    Can I raise C. gracilis communally?

    Vertical set ups are best with C gracilis.
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    Good beginer Centipede

    Scolopendra polymorpha
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    Calisoga longitarsis

    The one I kept was perhaps one of the angriest spiders I have ever dealt with.
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    My new super big black gigantea & aff.gigantea(white leg) eating scorpion

    Seems like a reckless “Bug Wars” type of thing.
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    What are some good beginner species of centipede

    Take a look at Scolopendra longipes as well.Neat species.
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    Paruroctonus silvestrii care?

    They are found in a variety of habitats. I keep a few and they are easy to maintain. Room temp. Not too moist. Leaf litter and bark to bury under.
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    Microhexura idahoana care and where to find

    Good luck to you with the breeding project.
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    Arachnid Addicted's Centipede Pictures

    It’s great to see species that are uncommon.
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    Scolopendra polymorpha as a 1st centipede?

    S polymorpha is a great centipede for new and old keepers alike.
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    any really cool communal centipedes?

    My experience with S mutilans being communal is I served up some pricey meals to the colony which left me with one big fat one left. Rampant cannibalism.
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    Will the US front catch up with the European front of the hobby?

    Access to more species-Yes. More advanced husbandry techniques-No.
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    Setting up 10gal Vertival Desert Themed Terrarium

    C sculpturatus does pack a painful sting. A vertical set up is ideal for them. Consider C vittatus which is communal and fits your desert environment. Their sting is not typically as painful opinion wise so I hear. I am basing this on the vertical set up. It seems the NA Centruroides like...