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    Reply to review by 'gromgrom' on item 'Gromgrom'

    Thank you for the incredibly kind words and the lengthly review Erik! I know it was a long wait but I'm glad you're happy with the transaction! :D
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    Lychas Tricarinatus Care

    What I found is that they're very fiesty and hungry little things. My entire first brood died off The next three broods seem to be doing better. My females all seem to prefer to hide under bark, rather than hang on it interestingly enough
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    I need a light colored substrate

    I don't know how lethal UV is to scorpions but you need to understand, OP, that scorpions are nocturnal predators and are prey to other animals, so being out in the open and being able to be "seen" is not what they want to do be doing. They don't make good pets for that reason. Some spiders...
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    Is my scorpion about to molt or is it just fat

    It looks like it. I'd bump the heat up slightly and increase the humidity
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    Any tiny forest scorpions in the hobby?

    I wanna echo all the scorpions mentioned in this thread. All of them are fairly easy to care for. I own magacascarensis, gervasii, and australisae myself Big trick with them is keeping them from dryin out.
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    Suggestions for scorpion viv?

    it's true! check out my profile for some of my old pics.
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    Scorpion breeders

    pm me as well, I have many species for sale. I'm not active on here much anymore due to the time investment sadly, but i reply to pms
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    Tityus stigmurus care

    haha thanks rob. Sure have!
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    My 2nd Uroplectes Otjimbinguensis brood :)

    hell yeah dude congrats!
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    Tityus stigmurus care

    I've kept them for almost a decade now, I use pure coco fiber with leaning bark. Spray 1-2 times a week. Keep it humid
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    T. Stigimurus

    I'm not sure the exact instar, 6 or 7. They molt so quickly and I have so many, I have no clue.
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    I'm officially a grandma!

    Very cool! Try raising the heat/moisture to help them molt. I tend to get smaller broods/more stressed out mothers when they give birth in captivity. Usually I separate gravid looking females a few weeks before I think they will give birth. But sometimes you miss some smaller mothers who give...
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    My leiurus collection keeps growing :)

    holy crap man very impressive collection!
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    Desert hairy scorpion

    @Red Eunice has had some success as well, he even showed me his setups. Perhaps he can also add some helpful words here.
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    AFS angry with water.

    I wouldnt worry about making the AFS "Angry" or anything, unless its already incredibly stressed. Give it some stimulation ;) In any case, when mine do this, i give them a short spritz to the mouthparts so they'll drink. always good to be sure they're doing that.
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    Scorpion wanted...newbie.

    Hope I didnt come into this thread too late I'm gonna echo others with Hadogenes sp. They're slow growing, easy to care for, and very docile specimen. I have some i got as 2nd instars in 2011 that are only 4" long now and still subadults!
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    How to lessen the odds of a desert hairy Scorpion dying of molt?

    Havent had a brood in about a year, I'm hoping for another! I tend to keep them on a sand/coco mix.
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    Parabuthus transvaalicus -==- PT (Picture) China

    looks pretty good! how many did she have ? 60?
  20. gromgrom

    Liocheles australasiae 's temperament?

    I've had 0 losses from all my broods. If i lose them, its due to poor conditions. theyre incredibly hardy.