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  1. pategirl

    The Swift Inverts banner...

    The tarantula banner is without a doubt a photoshop-doctored N. chromatus. I made that, teehee. :) Long time no see, everyone!
  2. pategirl

    The least desireable species...

    I've yet to discover a tarantula I wouldn't want in my collection. :)
  3. pategirl

    **Another**Spider Pic ID

    Looks like it might be L. parahybana or something similar.
  4. pategirl

    My Grammostola Grossa

    As Bearskin stated, if it were a true Grammostola it would have a "mirror patch" on its abdomen. Most Grammostola I've seen have had a very "fuzzy" look as well...the spider pictured above looks nothing like any Grammostola sp. I've ever seen.
  5. pategirl

    My Grammostola Grossa

    That doesn't look like a Grammostola...
  6. pategirl

    I Have a Brachypelma/ Aphonopelma ?

    Um, it might be because they come from Mexico and have red legs? :)
  7. pategirl

    white stuffs?

    Sounds to me like it could be mites if the white things are crawling. They like moist conditions and spider prey remains. You might want to change the substrate if that's what they are.
  8. pategirl

    How to handle your T

    If you wanted to debate about handling you could've been courteous enough to start another thread rather than turning someone else's thread into an argument. The originator of the thread asked for information on how to handle, not whether it was right or wrong. As for the original question...
  9. pategirl

    help please

    My first reaction was that it looks like P. cancerides. If you bought it from a pet store, it might help to know what they called it, even though common names aren't always helpful. I wouldn't worry about it jumping, even if they did I don't think a spider of that structure would get very far in...
  10. pategirl

    New T

    I'd suggest C. cyaneopubescens. They're not overly large or defensive, but can be skittish. They make neat webs all over the place, and mine are usually either webbing or sitting in the middle of their webs. Pretty spiders, and they're pretty much always hungry as well.
  11. pategirl

    Your opinion on Python regius???

    I personally like corns better, but it's all about personal preference. I don't regret getting a corn first at all. I don't think my ball is boring or anything, but he's not quite as fun to watch as my corns, since they move around a lot more. My ball's never missed a feeding, but had a time...
  12. pategirl

    Was I shipped a P. metallica by mistake?

    The folks that said something about the water were only trying to be helpful. I don't see the issue with someone attempting to give you a little advice, you could've just ignored it if you didn't want to take it. As for the spiderling, my guess would be that it's P. ornata.
  13. pategirl

    Genus Phormictopus

    My female P. cancerides:
  14. pategirl

    Some cobra pix

    Because it is a big deal....People don't want their hobby hurt because someone got bitten by the venomous snake they purchased on a whim. Challenging or not, there's always the chance for a mistake, thus it's a good idea to now what you're doing before getting such a creature.
  15. pategirl

    Corn snake questions... and don't laugh!

    The picture wasn't showing for me, so I fixed it, Miami corns normally have a grey background and red saddles, I don't think that appearing on him was a trademark, just another spot :)
  16. pategirl

    Corn snake questions... and don't laugh!

    Yeah, he died due to an accident that was my own fault, I'd rather not go into it. I don't know what his issue with biting was, but here's what he looked like:
  17. pategirl

    Corn snake questions... and don't laugh!

    I've had a few corns that were bitey, one was a wildcaught male miami corn that would "chew" on my arm when I held it, didn't even have to do anything. He didn't assume any sort of strike pose either, he'd just nuzzle my arm and latch on. I don't think most will try biting for no reason, mine...
  18. pategirl

    Handling pictures

    I agree with Wayne....if you didn't want criticism, you shouldn't have posted the pics in the first place. Your post count says nothing about how much knowledge you have. Is it really necessary to hold a spider that high off the ground just for a pic? You'd feel differently if that emilia died...
  19. pategirl

    Some cobra pix

    A large constrictor could make you just as dead as a cobra, just by different means. I have absolutely no doubt that Lelle knows what he's doing when keeping the animals he does. If I lived next door to a person keeping cobras or rattlers, I would hope they'd be like Lelle in regards to the way...
  20. pategirl

    Check this out...

    Most companies that sell frozen feeders don't freeze the mice alive, they use CO2 to euthanize the animals. It's supposedly painless, but I don't know from personal experience. IMO, the gas would probably be a lot less painful for the creature than being ripped apart by a fish. Plus, the thawed...