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  1. SteveIDDQD

    Favorite New World Display Species

    Along with what's already been said, Pamphobetius would be up there for me. I only have a big sling/small juvi Sp. Manabi, and it's alwas out, always active, and is always ready to eat. Never seems to hide either, and plenty of interesting colours going on.
  2. SteveIDDQD

    What owning an O.violacopes looks like...

    I've actually found all my old world's to be really chilled out and just do the same. Not that it stops me being ready for all hell to break lose every time I deal with them. Now my LP, she's developing an attitude, and is getting to a size where I'd much prefer her to be calm!
  3. SteveIDDQD

    What owning an O.violacopes looks like...

    Because of my shelf situation, I can't easily take the enclosure down, so can't look in the top. Of the two big cork barks, the sunken one in the middle, and the premade hole I dug in the back left, I have no idea where she actually is. There's no web or anything.
  4. SteveIDDQD

    What owning an O.violacopes looks like...

    She'll show up one day, I hope. At least the feeders vanish over night, so I know she's ok.
  5. SteveIDDQD

    Why do tarantulas put dirt in their water dish?

    No one knows, but I suspect once science has put the time in to answer this riddle, the answer will be 42.
  6. SteveIDDQD

    GBB's new house, is it appropriate?

    Sounds good. :)
  7. SteveIDDQD

    OBT Bite?

    Just dropped by to say I hope you feel better, and please submit a bite report when you are up to it - it's important info to share.
  8. SteveIDDQD

    Keeping Pamphobeteus sp Flammifera

    I do love when the word "humidity" is shot down in flames, just as it deserves to be. :) I have a 5cm leg span pampho in a medium exo terra faunarium with 7cm ish of substrate. Should be good for a moult or two, but they do grow fast. I keep it slightly damper than a typical terrestrial, but...
  9. SteveIDDQD

    heavy webbers?

    For non-tarantula suggestions, my L.fallax is the champ in my collection for webbing. How it produces so much, so fast is beyond me.
  10. SteveIDDQD

    Handling T's for Photoshoots?

    Honestly, in my last post I wrote a paragraph at the start saying how at least you have a reason to want to handle/put your T on people, and a goal in mind other than just showing off. Suggesting you weigh up the risks and rewards to get your awesome photos and make a decision. But as I wrote...
  11. SteveIDDQD

    GBB's new house, is it appropriate?

    "I'll try feeding again tonight, hopefully it takes it so I don't have to" Have to what? Don't think because the little guy refuses food his enclosure isn't right and you need to do something. Just leave it be for a few days to settle in then try feeding. If it doesn't eat, try again in...
  12. SteveIDDQD

    GBB's new house, is it appropriate?

    You are good to leave it as is. I think fussing and changing things all the time is the worse thing you can do. Just leave the little guy to settle in and it'll be fine. You have enough ventilation for a GBB and it'll find somewhere to moult if it needs to, so don't worry.
  13. SteveIDDQD

    Pros and cons of popular tarantula YouTubers?

    TC after last weeks video? Not a vid for someone scared of spiders to watch... Was fairly surprised to see such a click bait title from him as I really enjoy the quality of his vids and he comes across as cool dude.
  14. SteveIDDQD

    Handling old worlds

    Surprised this actually turned into an argument considering the OP's lack of experience and the spider he wants to hold. Would have though anyone would suggest a big fat NO and just leave it at that TBH.
  15. SteveIDDQD

    Handling T's for Photoshoots?

    There will always be people who will not like the photos because of the handling aspect, regardless of how good they are - they are tarantula lovers and will always point out the reasons why it shouldn't be done because they don't want to see any spiders or keepers get hurt. You just have to...
  16. SteveIDDQD

    Pterinopelma Sazimai Enclosure Upgrade Question

    Current enclosure looks fine for a couple of moults, so I wouldn't worry about that. Even if your T was bigger, I wouldn't buy that enclosure, not for any T to be honest. It's too big and also screen lids are both dangerous to Ts and they can chew through them and get out. If you want more of...
  17. SteveIDDQD

    Today in the Spider Room?

    My wild caught jumper (P.regius) laid an egg sack this morning. I thought she had been acting strange lately, she has spent a lot of time being very active and making web hides all over the place, plus she's been eating a lot. Luckily I've had her since May so it'll most likely be a phantom egg...
  18. SteveIDDQD

    “My roommate”

    My room-mates kill other creatures and suck down their still warm bodily juices.
  19. SteveIDDQD

    Have you been bitten? (poll)

    I treat all my T's like they are radioactive, so I don't see it happening any time soon, I hope.
  20. SteveIDDQD

    Scored a couple Ts for a steal including my first OW! Very excited :)))

    Of all the creatures I wouldn't want on my hand, centipedes would pretty high up the list! That guy is crazy.