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  1. Sarkhan42

    CostaRica Zebra health bad or good?

    I would say definitely not a mature male. This species is in fact very dimorphic, adult males are often mistaken for other species actually! They’re on the darker side and can have a purple tint to them.
  2. Sarkhan42

    Black Ants

    Ants are absolutely of concern, though "black ants" isn't really a strong descriptor of a species. Ants in numbers will overcome almost anything that they deem food. I'd absolutely rehouse your spider and take measures to prevent ants from returning, like diotomaceous earth, or ant traps in the...
  3. Sarkhan42

    Cotztetlana sp

    I’d say probably around 3”? I’ll see if I can get a good measurement later.
  4. Sarkhan42

    Cotztetlana sp

    Bit of a crappy pic if I'm completely honest, but she refuses to come out for a decent photo the last couple days. This at least gives a decent look at how her back legs are coming along!
  5. Sarkhan42

    Cotztetlana sp

    Glad to see more people are picking up these wonderful spiders! They definitely are pretty good about growth, both my healthy omiltemi actually molted last night! Hopefully I'll have access to a microscope next week to do some sexing.
  6. Sarkhan42

    Cotztetlana sp

    Wow! This is extremely good information to know and I look forward to photos. I'm less familiar with bodylength measurements, but would this put them in the dwarf range at adult size, or just on the smaller side like say A. purpurea? All the more reason to love this extremely unique genus! I'll...
  7. Sarkhan42

    Mite infestation in room

    If you have a feeder colony, I suggest purging it completely. I've had to do that on multiple occasions with mealworm colonies, as they seem to be perfect reservoirs for grain mites.
  8. Sarkhan42

    Cotztetlana sp

    All three slings ended up female, and have grown into healthy juvies! I actually ended up trading away a female for some slings of Cotztetlana sp “Guanajuato”. Unfortunately due to some packing issues there were 4 DOAs, and so I am now left with only 1 sling of Cotztetlana sp “Guanajuato”. I...
  9. Sarkhan42

    Have You Seen...? What's New In the Upgrade

    On the old system when you would hit “new posts” it would hide threads where you had already viewed the most recent replies, until new replies were added. Now all threads are shown when I hit new posts regardless of if I’ve read them or not, the title just isn’t in bold. This imo makes a lot of...
  10. Sarkhan42

    Strange Spots Inside Exoskeleton

    Coincidentally I just noticed one of my tiny slings exhibiting very similar light patches across the underside of the abdomen that I could not explain. I’ve not had a molt from it yet to compare to however.
  11. Sarkhan42

    Pick one genus

    They're generally pretty calm. They can be a little skittish in terms of running to the burrow when disturbed, but are generally pretty out and about and laid back. Good eaters too.
  12. Sarkhan42

    Praying mantis - HELP ASAP!!

    Its hard to know an exact lifespan, but generally a mantis will live around a year, two if you're very lucky. If you're brand new, getting a later instar nymph like 4-5 might be the best option.(similar to getting a juvie tarantula rather than a sling) And no worries on questions, ask away :)
  13. Sarkhan42

    T. stirmi breeding

    That’s exactly what I’ve come up with in my research as well, just wasn’t sure how low people cool them to. I’m curious if the cooling is considered necessary by some because they keep them much warmer to begin with.
  14. Sarkhan42

    T. stirmi breeding

    Realized I haven't posted this here, or really posted much at all lately. Finally got around to pairing up Theraphosa stirmi! The female as expected was extremely receptive to the male, and he managed to get at least one solid insertion with no aggression. They've also shown no further interest...
  15. Sarkhan42

    The term captivity

    I’ll admit I’ve really only briefly skimmed this thread, but I’ve known many people including those in zoo work that say “in culture” rather than captivity. I suppose likely because the ultimate goal for many of them is to reproduce the animals in captivity, which imo definitely takes on a more...
  16. Sarkhan42

    Praying mantis - HELP ASAP!!

    You’ll get a couple months to a year out of an adult female if they’re just recently matured. An adult female will not grow anymore, and will live out the rest of its life at the size you receive it.
  17. Sarkhan42

    Praying mantis - HELP ASAP!!

    Anything Rhombodera or Hierodula are pretty easy to keep. My only concern is they can be a little food aggressive, I've had rhombodera chew on me before, so handling can be iffy with certain specimens.
  18. Sarkhan42

    M. balfouri Capstone summary

    I provided them with a hide per spider, which were halved small plastic cups that I had previously used as sling hides, but did not attempt to set up any starter burrows. They went about creating their own burrows, silk and all, prior to reconvening, so it wasn't simply them not finding anywhere...
  19. Sarkhan42

    M. balfouri Capstone summary

    Its finally time that I'm able to post a summary for my undergraduate capstone project! I've officially graduated, completed a paper, and presented this experiment before the professors in my department. I'm going to try to keep this summary brief and digestible, so if I miss anything please ask...
  20. Sarkhan42

    New world tarantulas without urticating hair

    They just sorta angle the abdomen and try and press you with the hairs. You can also get haired via webbing as they'll still defensively place hairs within their web tubes.