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  1. Crone Returns

    My Aphonopelma chalcodes is dying. please help me

    I vote for a fall.
  2. Crone Returns

    Meet Typhon. My new pup.

    Don't mess with Jess!
  3. Crone Returns

    T. Albo molting? Does she look okay?

    Me, too. Molting is fascinating.
  4. Crone Returns

    Holy bolty A. semmanni

    I'd ad about 3 more inches. Mine loved her deep sub. She made the coolest burrows.
  5. Crone Returns

    I want him to molt alreadyyyyy

    T is attempting to drive you crazy. Accept and move on.:cool:
  6. Crone Returns

    Genus Name Abbreviations

    I hate common names. There's 50,000 different names for some of these tarantulas. And I try to type out the whole name, genus and species. And I seem to remember a couple years ago when a couple of old timers (@cold blood being one) made me look the answers up myself. You know, that was the...
  7. Crone Returns

    Australian bushfires help

    I don't know you did that. The carnage woil I couldn't have done that. The carnage would have sent me over.
  8. Crone Returns

    How do you deal with an inexperienced snake owner?

    "To handle the snake, one must become the snake."
  9. Crone Returns

    Brachypelma Albopilosum - Beginner Help!!

    My T. albopilosum refused to eat and buried herself away for 3or4 months. Wouldn't eat, etc. Came out ravenous and with a new dress on lol. Breathe...yours is acting like a stressed T. Don't try to feed her until she comes out, and her fangs are black. Keep the water dish full. Maybe a couple...
  10. Crone Returns

    My spiders.

    She was Miz Crankypants, too. Lol
  11. Crone Returns

    Australian bushfires help

    We need to follow indigenous peoples in the US, too. But that'll never happen.
  12. Crone Returns

    Australian bushfires help

    Yeah. Been reading about it, too. Completely infuriating.
  13. Crone Returns

    My spiders.

    They are beautiful.
  14. Crone Returns

    "Abused" Caribena Versicolor adoption

    But is there enough cross ventilation for the T?
  15. Crone Returns

    Comment by 'Crone Returns' in media 'Chaco'

    Aaawww. How cute! Sigh. I remember when my Gremmy was a bit bigger when I got her. She was as cute.
  16. Crone Returns

    Meet Typhon. My new pup.

    That would make a great soup bone. Maybe I should make lunch:wideyed:
  17. Crone Returns

    Matured male B. Albo not eating.

    Doesn't want food. He's genetically programmed to only want a lady, or ladies. That's the only thing he wants/needs to do, perpetuate his genetic line.:)