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  1. Kugellager

    looking for info on giant dessert hairy scorpion

    Yah. Like tons of cobwebs and stuff. Not long after commenting on bentonite I found stuff called "paver underlay" at Home Depot. It's used to put under paver stones and bricks for walkways. Real cheap and has some clay as well as rocks and sand and hold up to burrowing. Probably doing a...
  2. Kugellager

    Help identifying scorpion

    Could have been very lucky and received dry stings. Not that uncommon. John ];')
  3. Kugellager

    Help identifying scorpion

    Could be a Leiurus. Has long thin pedipalps/pincers and from what little can be seen the right color on the last tail segment. Regardless, it probably has significant venom. Note: all scorpions are venomous, but most are not dangerous. In Iran you are much more likely to encounter a dangerously...
  4. Kugellager

    Hadrurus arizonensis -vs- Vaejovis spinigerus resurrected a dead seven year old thread. I don't think most posters in this thread are active members -including myself. However, both species can be found together in habitats in Arizona. John ];')
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  10. Kugellager

    Scorpion ID help?

    I agree with Michael. Opisthacanthus asper or slight chance of O.validus. See a very similar picture of one (O.validus) I photographed on my Honeymoon to South Africa and Namibia. John ];')
  11. Kugellager

    What is the Rarest/Most Valuable Scorpion Species Available?

    I think it might be an individual want or rarity...Some of the species mentioned I could care less about (i.e. H. Swammerdami-just another Heterometrus IMO) ...However I would love to get and sucessfully breed a pair of Apistobuthus pterygocercus. I would love to get legal Hottentotta arenaceus...
  12. Kugellager

    Opinions on using these containers for adult scorpions?

    Interesting option/find. Do the lids snap tight all the way around like Tupperware or only at the corners? I was just thinking that some species are very flat and can squeeze in some of the thinnest spaces. Would probably not want to use for a V.spinigerus that is about to pop...
  13. Kugellager

    Centruroides of the United States

    The color variation in C. gracilis is wide and changes quickly. The coloration of the specemins in Florida vary greatly. You can even see different color patterns in the same location. John ];')
  14. Kugellager

    Your holy grail

    The opportunity to photograph these again....Sigh... John ];') Gathering of Hottentotta arenaceus
  15. Kugellager

    Scorpion id please

    Vaejovis sp. Of some sort. Not familiar with what species is in your area. My are those two gravid! You might try raising the temps 5 degrees or so as it might induce them to give birth sooner than later. Be prepared for lots of scorplings. John ];')
  16. Kugellager

    Scorpion sting sheets and tips?

    Also, as everyone should know, there are two stickies at the top of this forum with all sorts of links to emergency information and our sting report forum. John ];')
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    Avatar 57x80

  18. Kugellager

    bark bit substrate. Good or bad ?

    Admin Note If flaming/fanning flames etc. in this thread re-appear all involved will be spanked and the thread closed.:shame: Thanks, God (...or Santa Claus...Your Choice) ];')
  19. The Kugellager Pic2

    The Kugellager Pic2

  20. Kugellager

    scorp ID

    In addition, H.arenaceus and very closely related H.conspersus have very thin chela compared to H.trilineatus...and most other Hottentotta come to think of it. See below. John ];')