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  1. baconwrappedpikachu

    Major differences between similar Poecilotheria? Reasons to own one over another?

    I am still a novice in many ways - been in the hobby 11 months now. From what I read and researched on the genus, I was expecting similar behavior -- hidden tarantulas that I would get to see maybe once a month or so. Now I have two adults, 4 juveniles, and while my AF ornata is fairly...
  2. baconwrappedpikachu

    Enclosure setting for GBB

    Mine is the same way! It didn't put on much size at all with its last molt and was actually still pretty fat after molting, too. It was totally bizarre. Definitely one of my slower growers but most of my collection is fast growing species so I'm not sure if its a particularly fair comparison haha
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    Where do you Keep your T’s in your home?

    My tarantulas stay in the office, there are big windows on two different walls so they get a decent amount of indirect light (even with the blinds closed) and they're out of the way which is great. It keeps the cats out, too, though they love to sneak in when I go to turn on...
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    Enclosure setting for GBB

    Yes lol. I think they are kind of known for being skittish and/or having healthy attitudes. Mine is small still - barely over 1" DLS - and it kicks hairs every time I try to fill the water dish. And then attacks the water. And then realizes it's not food and kicks hairs again. It's great. We...
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    Anyone ever tried housing aphonopelma seemanis together?

    Haha -- I think this is bad enough that even the tarantula community would roast them for posting this.
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    Old worlds are fast.

    Seriously! Tappies are SO fast. I have a few T. violaceous slings, and I really enjoy them... even if they DO stress me out more than any of my OWs! :hilarious: They have a lot of personality too -- manic little freaks haha Prime example: the other night I rehoused several Pokies, an OBT, a...
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    Your favorite shelving units?

    I totally agree, adjustable shelves are definitely a requirement for shelving setups, at least for me! Especially for collections with lots of slings and juvies, it's really nice to be able to change things as the collection grows so you can maximize storage/display space and give everyone the...
  8. baconwrappedpikachu

    active species

    Hmmm... I feel like I had similar worries when I first got into the hobby, and when I only had one sling, it did get kind of boring staring at a pet hole all day. But that's why so many keepers have multiple tarantulas -- a collection of 6 or 7 different tarantula species will increase the odds...
  9. baconwrappedpikachu

    Your favorite shelving units?

    Excuse the power cords and the clutter. Constant work in progress right now! We bought IKEA IVAR shelving for the office. It's totally modular so you can always add to it or change things up as you go. We got the fold-up desk for feedings/rehouses etc and we got the cabinet for storing...
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    Could You Do It?

    We did it for a few days! Our air conditioner broke Friday night and the techs couldn't get out until Tuesday to fix it. Luckily we keep an old portable a/c around for this kind of thing. Temps were in the 100s that weekend but our bedroom was nice and cool. We had to move all 20 tarantulas, the...
  11. baconwrappedpikachu

    What happens if there is nobody home when your Ts arrive?

    You might try talking to the seller and seeing if the shipping company can hold them for pickup, if it would be an option for you to go get them after school. When I order Ts online, I always request that they are held for pickup at the FedEx facility near my house. I know lots of people have...
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    Today in the Spider Room?

    I was running low on dubias last week so I got like 50 crickets, threw them in a tub with some food, closed the lid, and forgot about them until last night. I stopped feeding crickets FOREVER ago, so I knew it would be gross, but my mind had forgotten just how horrible those things smell. I put...
  13. baconwrappedpikachu

    Comment by 'baconwrappedpikachu' in media 'Sold As OW Fossorial/Asian [1/2]'

    @Asgiliath Poecilotheria have toes like that too! Not suggesting that's what we are looking at here -- just saying if you wanna see some more cute OW pink paws you should check out pokie toes too :D
  14. baconwrappedpikachu

    Bad molt in progress (~10 year old E. camp), and I need some advice.

    Wow, what a great story! I'm so glad that things turned out okay. Why do I have this nagging feeling that you're going to magically end up with some additional tarantulas after you visit your new friend at the bug zoo? :hilarious: I was doing well and keeping my collection small until I started...
  15. Poecilotheria ornata

    Poecilotheria ornata

    Trying out my first gallery upload with one of my favorites!
  16. baconwrappedpikachu

    Millipede Species for a Beginner?

    It looks like you've gotten a lot of good input so at the risk of being redundant, I just wanna add that I started with a few bumblebees and a few ivories and the Florida Ivories are out almost constantly! They're growing pretty quickly, too. Bumblebees I usually only see if I sneak up on them...
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    Well, not entirely, how long had it been since the last rehouse? I rehouse mine once a week for their scheduled enclosure cleanings and fang brushing! That reminds me I need to get more toothpaste...
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    How to pick new additions to the collection FOR DUMMIES

    Oh yeah! A friend of mine is trying to pair these... fingers crossed for babies! I definitely want one, they are gorgeous
  19. baconwrappedpikachu

    How to pick new additions to the collection FOR DUMMIES

    You need more Poecilotheria! I agree that you should get an OBT, and if you get a few tarantulas from the same place you could probably find one that will give you an OBT as a freebie tbh I see them as freebies all the time. Hmm... besides the Poecilotheria and an OBT... I suggest: Nhandu...
  20. baconwrappedpikachu


    Just FYI, this thread is mostly people messing around and joking. They are talking about tarantulas molting, when they shed their exoskeleton in order to grow bigger. Their old exoskeleton looks like another shriveled tarantula. Tarantulas do not clone themselves. Did you see my other reply...