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  1. Lopez

    Transferring fast/ defensive, slings/ juvies out of vials

    Sorry Americans! Faff is an English colloquialism, but it's one that I thought was appropriate for this situation.
  2. Lopez

    Transferring fast/ defensive, slings/ juvies out of vials

    Looks like a massive faff to me!
  3. Lopez

    Slings Won't Leave Shipping Container

    I just chuck then out with a quick tap. No drama.
  4. Lopez

    Borneo Black!

    nigerrimum are very arsey compared to the Borneo Black. Far more unpredictable and defensive.
  5. Lopez

    Good cheap substrate?

    At £1 a block, coir is cheap and probably the most commonly used substrate here.
  6. Lopez

    poecilotheria, not a hundred percent on which pokie though.

    It's common knowledge in the UK too, but on occasions like this you don't even need to go that far. The spider was so obviously an ornata there was no need to go any further.
  7. Lopez

    poecilotheria, not a hundred percent on which pokie though.

    It's an ornata. If it's not an ornata I will gouge my own eyes out with my two ornata sat on the shelf. I'm amazed there was even any debate about it.
  8. Lopez

    How old is your Oldest T?

    My G.rosea is now almost 22 years old, I've had it since a spiderling.
  9. Lopez

    Genus Ornithoctonus

    Ornithoctonus sp. "Malthai" Very docile.
  10. Lopez

    Do all Male Tarantulas have claws?

    Also remember that tibial spurs don't visibly develop over time, they will just appear suddenly after the spider's ultimate moult. It's not like how humans grow into sexual maturity for example, it's an immediate transformation (visually speaking anyway)
  11. Lopez

    Using a heat light or other source to warm one corner of a room

    I use heating cable. It gets pretty hot to touch but you can easily distribute the heat it gives off.
  12. Lopez

    When do you normally move your tarantulas into their permanent enclosures?

    I use sample pots for spiderlings until they are what I would call juveniles. Then they get moved into a mid sized container, probably about 2.5 litres. When they get to around the 5" mark I'll generally put them in their full size container. Sometimes I omit the middle step and go straight from...
  13. Lopez

    Gooty Price-Fair?

    Exactly my point.
  14. Lopez

    Gooty Price-Fair?

    "Stronger"? Why do you need a specific term for it anyway? Why does there need to be a line in the sand when you get to a certain point? I can't search the forum for the article you refer to at the moment because I'm on a mobile device that doesn't support the drop down search box on vbb...
  15. Lopez

    Gooty Price-Fair?

    I do understand, I just really think it sends out the wrong mssg to the uninformed public about the animals we keep. It's a tricky balance, between being realistic whilst still "discouraging" new keepers from keeping those species that carry a stronger venom and higher chance of a bite...
  16. Lopez

    Is it mold?

    I would ignore it.
  17. Lopez

    Gooty Price-Fair?

    I am. Who decided Poecilotheria being"medically significant"? And what definition of medical significance are we applying?
  18. Lopez

    Gooty Price-Fair?

    Painful, yes. Medically significant is pushing it I think.
  19. Lopez

    For newbies that say "they're orange and cool looking"

    I've been bitten by an adult female murinus. It hurt mightily at the time and left me with very uncomfortable cramps for weeks afterwards. I have absolutely no desire to ever repeat the incident. But "hot"? Come on, it's not a krait.