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  1. Biollantefan54

    Eresus walckanaeri?

    Keep them dry, room temperature, crickets, roaches, normal spidey food and you're good. Relatively slow growers and a long life span, really easy!
  2. Biollantefan54

    Comment by 'Biollantefan54' in media 'ID please'

    This looks nothing like Dysdera crocata apart from it being a spider as well. My guess is Amaurobiidae or metaltella simoni.
  3. Biollantefan54

    Does someone know what spiders these are?

    The middle one is some kind of mygalomorphae, not Drassodes
  4. Biollantefan54

    True spider ID

    Badumna longinqua
  5. Biollantefan54

    Pretty cool wolf spider. 3"

    I'm thinking Tigrosa aspersa
  6. Biollantefan54

    Obscure myriapods

    Symphyla are relatively easy to find outside in leaf litter, they make silk too which is interesting
  7. Biollantefan54

    Obscure myriapods

    I've found both of those, there are pauropoda living in the wood of my stirmi tank. Harmless tiny critters
  8. Biollantefan54

    ID Please

    It has a lot of similar characteristics. The carapace, the face shape, the legs. It looks like a wolf spider. No one is saying it is or not but right now everyone is guessing. And also, smokehound714 knows his spiders lol. He is seeing some lycosid in it as well. I am curious as to what this...
  9. Biollantefan54

    ID Please

    This looks lycosid to me as well, the carapace mainly. If only their were eye pics
  10. Biollantefan54

    Is this a Garden Spider? It's gray.

    I'm thinking Neoscona, maybe crucifera
  11. Biollantefan54

    Where to order live plants?

    Neherpetoculture, joshsfrogs, and Glassbox tropicals. Ordered a ton of plants from the first two, nothing but good things to say about them
  12. Biollantefan54

    Help Identifying Spider

    Dolomedes, probably D. tenebrosus
  13. Biollantefan54

    Unorthodox arthropods

    Jus regular coco fiber, very simple spider, pretty tolerant of humidity too. It can dry out and then be quite damp, the spider had done fine on either end. I've had it for over a year now and it's molted 3 times I believe
  14. Biollantefan54

    Unorthodox arthropods

    I've got a Liphistius right now. Palpigradi wouldn't be hard in my opinion, just keep the same way as psuedoscorpions. Moist and dark m, and feed springtails or other tiny prey items.
  15. Biollantefan54

    Black widow - what to do?

    I doubt your dog would get bit, even if he stuck his nose in the web. Black widows aren't aggressive and it would run into it'd retreat and stay there until the danger is gone
  16. Biollantefan54

    Could anyone ID this spider please?

    Well Europe limits a lot of crazy looking spiders already. Steatoda grossa starts off looking like that with the white patterns, I've seen them all my life here. If you have a different spider you think it could be I'd love to hear because I'd be very shocked if it isn't Steatoda.
  17. Biollantefan54

    Could anyone ID this spider please?

    Steatoda sp. It is harmless so no need to worry
  18. Biollantefan54

    Can someone please ID this for me?

    Looks like a normal P. mira to me, a lot of the ones we have here are identical to that. They are harmless spiders