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  1. StampFan

    Which centipede enclosure is better?

    Typically centipedes can reach the top of any aquarium as they can grip on the silicone in the corners. So if they have *any* chance to get out of a top they will. I have had centipedes in the Sterilite bin style you have with no issues. You do need to put small holes in for ventilation, and...
  2. StampFan

    My Isopod Collection

    What's your favorite so far?
  3. StampFan

    Pros and cons of popular tarantula YouTubers?

    I agree about the Tarantula Kat assessment. I unsubscribed from her channel for just that reason. She also came on this forum for about a day, was sort of snarky, and then left.
  4. StampFan

    Opinions on “Free Roaming” Reptiles

    The only critters I have seen this with (which make sense) are tortoises who get free roam of a room or two, a green iguana that has its own room, or a chameleon that will pretty much stay on the plant it is living on with some ground boundaries. Any other reptile is likely a bad, bad idea.
  5. StampFan

    Smoker wood chips for isopods

    Thanks folks! Much appreciated!
  6. StampFan

    Smoker wood chips for isopods

    Just checking to see if one of these products is good for isopod enclosures, or are there chemicals/dangers in the way they are processed? I have some from a product called Cameron's Alder Smoker Wood Chips. @Aquarimax and @Elytra and Antenna, I'm curious about your opinions. Thank you!
  7. StampFan

    Species specific info on Amblypygi

    Wouldn't isopods climb the wood and munch on a molting individual?
  8. StampFan

    Species specific info on Amblypygi

    I'm in Canada with the same availability list, and have the same basic questions really.
  9. StampFan

    What can I use as substitute for Cork Barks?

    Cork is also quite expensive here. This likely doesn't help you much in the Philippines, but it might give you ideas. I've been using birch firewood in enclosures for my drier species. Cheap and looks nice. The firewood is already kiln dried, so I just rinse it off and add it.
  10. StampFan

    Whats the best large tarantula?

    This thread is pretty indicative that people don't really read, they skim. The only T's that are legal to own/buy in Australia are Australian T's. And you wouldn't want to handle any of them.
  11. StampFan

    First Time Isopod Terrarium Advice

    Isopods would likely take over a little terrarium like that in no time. Some species breed like rabbits.
  12. StampFan

    Centipede dead or dormant?

    ? You're feeding it daily? ?
  13. StampFan

    Caribbean Centruroides gracilis

    You should definitely not keep them together. The Caribbean locale version of the this species is parthenogenic, and the Florida version is not. You can see more about this in a search of these forums.
  14. StampFan

    Saving pill vials for slings ? Or recycle

    I keep the clearest ones, toss the coloured ones.
  15. StampFan

    Today in the Reptile Room

    Peter's Banded Skink shed for the second time in the last 2 months. Really cool species, really, really easy.
  16. StampFan

    URGENT!! Beetles in my tarantula's enclosure!!!

    I'll often feed beetles to my arboreal T's. Never had a T reject a beetle yet.
  17. StampFan

    URGENT!! Beetles in my tarantula's enclosure!!!

    Superworms and mealworms turn into beetles if you don't crush their heads when you feed.
  18. StampFan

    Pros and cons of popular tarantula YouTubers?

    There appear to be 3 types of YouTubers with tarantulas -- 1) those who are looking to promote products, sell merchandise, etc. 2) those looking to make $ off of YouTube views and viewers, 3) pure hobbiests. @Tomoran will always be the best as he has no ulterior motives other than enjoying his...
  19. StampFan

    Safe topsoil or potting soil

    I just use peat, its less risky.
  20. StampFan

    Isopod Substrate

    The other thing worth mentioning with the isopod hobby is many (including me) are using a one-size fits all approach, throwing everything and the kitchen sink at every species of isopod and seeing what they like. But each species has serious preferences. For example, I'd never guess in a...