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  1. TownesVanZandt

    Discarded Prey

    Two adult-sized prey items weekly is plenty, so it´s probably not that hungry currently.
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    Discarded Prey

    Yes, it might not be hungry. How frequently do you feed the T?
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    Yes, that´s fine.
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    OBT substrate.

    Really? I´ve solely used coco fibre in all my enclosure for years and never had any issues when it comes to burrowing.
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    OBT substrate.

    Yes, it doesn´t look soaking wet from the picture so I think it will be okay :)
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    OBT substrate.

    Where do you keep the tarantula currently? If you have the time it is best to let it dry out in the enclosure as it is hard to make coco fibre compact enough for burrowing if it is completely dry.
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    OBT substrate.

    It will dry out by itself in the enclosure, so I would just use it as it is.
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    Waterdish too full & to close to heat source?

    If you use a heat mat you should place it on the side of the enclosure and not underneath it. Can you post a picture of your enclosure?
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    Answered How to ignore someone with a limited profile view

    I believe you can click on "people you ignore" in your profile and then type in the username of the person you want to ignore. Here:
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    I've used them in the past with no issues.
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    Help, I don’t know what to do

    There is not much to be done IMO. As long as there isn´t any liquid leaking from the wound it should be fine after its next moult.
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    Infant and Urticating hair, get rid of T's?

    I agree with @Ungoliant that the risk probably is minimal with proper care, but having a small baby is stressful enough in itself and if this is something that you´re going to be worried about it might be better to sell your Ts. You can always get some again at a later time.
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    Expecting a mexican red knee

    Typically the seller will provide you information regarding the size of either its diagonal leg span or its body length. The growth rate of tarantulas varies between individual specimens and things like feeding schedule and temperatures also comes into play. My wild guess is that it ought to be...
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    Aphonopelma seemani Set up!

    You made five identical posts, not three :D
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    Aphonopelma seemani Set up!

    That looks okay to me!
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    Can you reuse enclosures?

    Yes, everyone is reusing their enclosures. If it isn´t that dirty you might just use water, but I usually give it a scrub with dishwashing soap. As long as you rinse it off well there shouldn´t be any issues with that.
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    Curly Hair Tank Size. Too Big?

    That´s too large in my opinion. I would rather get a cheap Kritter Keeper/Exo Terra Faunarium if I were you.
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    GBB dehydrated?

    I agree that it looks like a death curl, but Ts have done weirder things post-moult, but it doesn´t look great. Normal tap water should be fine to use in Germany I suppose.
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    Lava stone

    All hard objects are a risk if the T falls on it from a height. Arboreal Ts are better climbers than terrestrials, but I would not risk it personally.
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    Rotting food in sling's burrow

    A little mould is not dangerous and it should kick it out sooner or later. There is no need to rehouse it over it :)