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  2. TooManyLegs

    Xenesthis intermedia

    Males for that species are more colorful as they mature from what I've seen from many posts. Not sure about the other sp. though.
  3. Sarkhan42

    Review by 'TooManyLegs' on item 'Sarkhan42'

    Purchased Females of P. Cam P. regalis Exactly as he said. The females were huge!
  4. Joe Rossi

    Review by 'TooManyLegs' on item 'Joe Rossi'

    Hi everyone, We have a dedicated group started on Facebook called Too Many Legs. Joe sent us beautiful lively specimens. His communication was nothing but amazing. He even went out of his way to give information on the velvet worms in case it was needed. He also gave us a free one for the ride...