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  1. H. chrysogaster

    H. chrysogaster

    New Harpactira chrysogaster sling molted for me!
  2. arachnidgill

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    Could enter premolt soon, it has a plump abdomen. You will know it is near molting as the abdomen starts getting darker.
  3. arachnidgill

    Any New Breeding Projects Recently?

    Just had a great pairing with my P. irminia, very receptive female. I received a Harpactirella overdijki MM a couple days ago, will be pairing them soon. I paired my P. cambridgei and two P. pulcher females earlier this year. When I pulled the sac from my P. cambridgei half the eggs were...
  4. arachnidgill

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    Yes, that is a female and those are the spermathecae!
  5. arachnidgill

    Comment by 'arachnidgill' in media 'Antilles pink toe male or female?'

    Too small, C. versicolor are difficult to ventral sex until about 2.5"-3".
  6. arachnidgill

    "Mature" ? Male P. Regalis

    If he has emboli on is his pedipalps then he is definately a mature male. Keep an eye out for sperm webs if you are interested in breeding him. Post a picture if you'd like.
  7. arachnidgill


    The best way to know is checking a molt. The spermathecae will be sclerotized (darkened looking) in a mature female. Here is an example of mature spermathecae:
  8. arachnidgill

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    That's the wrong side of the molt. Also please include the species and the diagonal leg span of the molt.
  9. arachnidgill

    Species Heterothele gabonensis

    My female is quite reclusive. I bought her as a sling a little over a year ago and pretty much only saw her during rehouses. These are the only two pictures I have: Heterothele gabonensis adult female
  10. arachnidgill

    Comment by 'arachnidgill' in media 'Sexing A. seemanni'

    What's the diagonal leg span?
  11. arachnidgill

    Comment by 'arachnidgill' in media 'A. Avic, metallica'

    They are a bit tangled but if you look between the top two book lungs you will see the spermathecae.
  12. arachnidgill

    what exactly is epiandrous fusillae?

    There's a good link in the Tarantula Beginner thread:
  13. arachnidgill

    Who molted today?

    Two from yesterday. Psalmopoeus cambridgei subadult female Acanthoscurria theraphosoides juvenile male
  14. H. overdijki

    H. overdijki

    Subadult female Harpactirella overdijki.
  15. A. seemanni

    A. seemanni

    Adult female Aphonopelma seemanni.
  16. arachnidgill

    Comment by 'arachnidgill' in media 'p irminia juvenile'

    How big is the molt?