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  1. vyadha

    Big heros

    This is Dahlberg, a Jumbo heros. Picked up this guy this weekend at the Anaheim expo. Surprised to find out it’s a big ol male
  2. vyadha

    S. Polymorpha premolt?

    Cool, they are a drier species. Should be molting soon.
  3. vyadha

    S. Polymorpha premolt?

    How wet is that substrate?
  4. vyadha

    Centipede picture thread

    come spring they are extremely common.
  5. vyadha

    Tiger centipede enclosure setup?

    If you do use a kritter keeper make sure it is at least twice as tall as the pede is long. And that there are no chances for the pede to reach the top. Kritter keepers take a bit extra attention but lots of people keep pedes in them. Not my favorite enclosure.
  6. vyadha

    Tiger centipede enclosure setup?

    "Tiger" is a common name for at least a few species. Do you know the species? If not, post a few pics.
  7. vyadha

    Cingulata breeding?

    I have a few cingulata and am thinking about attempting to breed. They are from Greece, 3-4”. Any way of knowing when they are mature enough to breed?
  8. vyadha

    Larger centipede with weaker venom

    Cingulata are worth looking into. Similar to Polymorpha and in my experience more mellow.
  9. vyadha

    Scolopendra morsitans as a class pet

    It’s a great idea! I keep a few species in my classroom. A presentation would be helpful as well as possibly comparing a centipede to science experiments that utilize caustic/toxic materials. This helps you defend the use of something risky as a beneficial experience as long as proper safety...
  10. vyadha


    I keep centipedes, katydids and mantids.
  11. vyadha

    Which is worse? Scolopendra dehaani or gigantea

    Only one way to find out.
  12. vyadha

    What do you guys think about the Brave Wilderness S. Heros bite?

    Lol, too late. I’ve already been bit as stated in the post. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be bit not easy.
  13. vyadha

    What do you guys think about the Brave Wilderness S. Heros bite? That’s my experience with a S heros bite. The specimen that bit me is a grumpy bitch. Wasn’t nearly as bad as Coyotes..... but still pretty uncomfortable. I have a 8”+ galap that is bitey and I’m thinking about a bite. Not ready for...
  14. vyadha

    Aging centipedes?

    is there any way to estimate a centipedes age? I’m planning on an AZ collecting trip and if i find any large specimens I’m curious if i can try to estimate age.
  15. vyadha


    Definitely not worth the risk. I make aftershaves and shaving soaps as a little hobby/side business. Pure essential oils can have intense effects on animals and people, fragrances tend to have a myriad of synthetics that aren’t tested for safety. Example: i had a pint bottle of a sandalwood...
  16. vyadha

    Scolopendra cingulata “red legs” (France) CLUTCH

    I have a pair of cingulatas from Greece on the way. I was planning on keeping them like a polymorpha. Fairly dry with a damp corner... Sound about right to you?
  17. vyadha

    Puking pede

    I’d assume that’s possible but no one has come forward who has ever witnessed that Bx
  18. vyadha

    Puking pede

    Somehow she’s still fine. The odor has greatly diminished. Going to keep her in the sterile enclosure for one more day. I made a new batch of substrate after @REEFSPIDER told me that coco fiber can cause impactions. Went with 50% peat moss, 30% citrus/cactus soil and20% sand. I like the...
  19. vyadha

    Puking pede

    The smell is definitely not ammonia. More like wet billy goat. Her behavior today looks normal, not sluggish or anything but no food response at all. She’s in a new clean enclosure with a paper towel and some water. Unfortunately my gf won’t let me leave the lid off. The smell has...
  20. vyadha

    Puking pede

    She’s acting fine today. Still monitoring