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    Dog breeders in nj?--- Help please.

    All of these -poo and other cutesy named "designer" dogs are not breeds, they are mutts. I wouldn't go near one of the so-called "breeders" that produces these, because the sole reason these cutesy named crosses exist is to turn a quick buck (and before anyone whines, I realize that in Australia...
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    Arguing a Position- Breed Specific Legislation

    That is a horrifying story, PBL :( Yet sadly, unsurprising. I'm happy that most people I know aren't being fooled by media agendas, though my mom went through a stint of the PETA-esque view that we should ban them "for their own good" - a position she agreed with until she realized that BSL...
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    Predatory fish!

    Here's my little baby. Currently about ten inches so he still has a lot of growing to do. You'll have to forgive his eye; I got him as a freebie from someone because he came out on the losing end of a fight with an adult oscar when he was just a wee little 4" monster, and the damage to his eye...
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    Landscape photography

    Lake MacDonald (Glacier National Park, Montana)
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    Wildlife Photography!

    Tiny spiderling on the back of my hand today. I wish I had a way to indicate scale, but the texture of my skin should give you some idea.
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    Wildlife Photography!

    The white on the bug came out a tad glary no matter how much I tinkered with things; super sunny day, probably needed a "shade" if I was a serious photographer ;)
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    Corucia zebrata

    MTS do not have the same dietary needs as BTS; they are pretty much entirely herbivorous. Can you give us some info on the husbandry and set up, the veterinary history, and what foods you have tried? I am presently the primary Corucia caregiver at Agama International so maybe I can be of some...
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    Wildlife Photography!

    This little cutie was on one of our enclosures outside.
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    Inanimate/Product Photography

    I don't know if "photography" is the best word for it, but I've always liked this picture.
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    light bulb ban?what about our reptiles?

    Did you happen to read that link at all...? It is NOT a full ban of incandescent bulbs and it should NOT affect the hobby. It does raise the efficiency bar for said bulbs, but a) regular incandescent bulbs 40watt and under are exempt if you want them for your home lighting and b) halogen...
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    light bulb ban?what about our reptiles? It is just media fear mongering; all the bill does is require greater energy efficiency standards for bulbs and does NOT eliminate incandescent lighting. And with over 22 exceptions in the bill, I am certain that specialty lightbulbs such as those...
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    Rattlesnake roundup

    Pssst, brettg and mking: There's a deer management thread to talk about deer in. And that poster's point was already well trounced in said thread. ;) And yeah, on the rattler discussion, "delicious" is a pretty moot point from a conservation perspective, unless of course the aspect of...
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    Leopard Gecko with crypto?

    Yellowish coloration to the urates can be the result of simple dehydration. And if she's passing poop, she's not impacted. I would be leery of laxative use. Instead, I would consider soaking her daily in warm water to encourage healthy bowel flow and drinking. If you do worry that she might need...
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    Wildlife Management: Deer

    This. Greenmonkey, other posters in this thread - including supporters of hunting - have been far more reasonable and realistic in their arguments. I have no intention of debating with someone who is going to stamp their feet and say "hunters are the great conservationists" while...
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    Wildlife Management: Deer

    Oh, agreed. As I said in my other post, nothing is ever as simple as "just that." ANY management system is going to have obstacles. I simply wish we would at least explore more options. I don't see any big shake-ups happening when something as simple and common sense as a doe season meets harsh...
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    Wildlife Management: Deer

    No one's been arguing that hunters shouldn't be allowed to hunt in parks so I'm not sure where you're getting that from :? The only thing people have suggested - very honestly might I add - is that in many states, game overpopulation has been allowed to persist when it should really be...
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    Wildlife Management: Deer

    1. Way to trivialize a very real and significant problem. Maybe you missed BigBoy's post on the effects of deer overpopulation? 2. I gladly pay fees to use my state and national forests, and I've happily purchased a Wildlife Heritage license even though I am not required to do so to enjoy...
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    Coopers hawk rescued

    Glad to hear a good prognosis on her :)
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    Coopers hawk rescued

    Are you a licensed wildife rehabilitator, or has the bird been taken to one?
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    Wildlife Management: Deer

    dtknow, you read my mind on this one. The feral pig thing in California is a PRIME example; there shouldn't be a managed season for them at all. If anything there should be a bounty for the darn things given how harmful they are to local ecosystems. But people like to hunt them, will pay to hunt...