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  1. nicodimus22

    Newbie Having Trouble Finding Beginner Tarantula to Purchase

    Well, I found this: and this: Finding adult females of anything can be hard (and expensive.) GBBs are very hardy and forgiving...
  2. C

    [Inquiry] Reputable dealers in California

    @Eli824 is in South Bay. I've purchased slings from him in person (M. balfouri, B. klaasi. A. ezendami, P. sazimai). The Bug Plug (, Jurassic Pet Supplies (, and Jamie's Tarantulas ( are in Southern California. Reptile...
  3. B

    Awesome thanks
  4. sdsnybny[node]=5+88+24+27+41
  5. B to the forum and tarantulas. We just got my son a b. Albopilosum female and kind of got us interested in them. Was wondering if anyone had heard of or used honestly not even sure how I found it. But it's got a t that I'd like but I'm leary on ordering. Thanks in advance
  6. D

    Permanent bald spot

    I plan on going to my first repticon this year! Thanks!
  7. Screamingreenmachine

    Permanent bald spot

    I'm not from LA but I know of at least one dealer there Give them a shout. Great people from my experience! Also keep an eye out for expos. Repticon is a great place to get some tarantulas! Slings, Juvies, Adults of all types
  8. Screamingreenmachine

    Comment by 'Screamingreenmachine' in media 'It's in! 2.5 inch G. Pulchra'

    @nicodimus22 I'm not sure what your limit would be on spending, but I say check out! That's where I got this one and last I checked they still had 3 smaller ones, around 1.75 inches, for sale, and everything is 20% off. Unsexed though! I'm still learning photography in general...