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    Avic. avicularia or metallica???

    i say Avic avic
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    P regalis

    yeah shes not hungry. any other suggestions?
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    P regalis

    Any suggestions on what i should do before mating my P regalis? I dont want my female to eat the male again like last time. I want this time to be successful!
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    Charles Rieder's Picture Thread

    female, congrats
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    red leg or red knee?

    its kindda hard to tell but i would lean towards smithi..
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    Corn Snake Poop -_-

    black will notice it if he does poop. it is big enough to notice it
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    P pulcher?

    Is 125 candian for a 5 inch P pulcher a good price? I think it is a female too. Panama blonde is the common name for P pulcher right?
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    My Female G. Vachoni Molted Help!!!

    dont touch her at all! dont disturb her! It will be fine..just wait and watch..tell us how it goes..
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    OMG--Are they supposed to grow this fast?

    hahaha dont worry you can never overfeed a tarantulas..keep doing what youre doing and it will grow into a monster
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    My P.nigricolor

    very nice tarantula!
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    Some pics of my versi & blondi...

    very very nice pictures...nice versi and nice macro shots...
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    A few pictures

    very very nice collection of tarantulas!
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    Some Ts of my Tarantula

    i second that..nice genic...
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    Genus Poecilotheria

    wow..very very nice P subfusca..
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    Species Psalmopoeus irminia

    thats one very very nice tarantulaaa..too bad i dont have mine anymore..
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    Avicularia sp. revealved today!

    nice nice..very nice one you got there..
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    Genus Thrigmopoeus

    never seen that before either..very nice tarantula..
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    Chilobrachys Andersoni

    very nice