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    Poecilotheria striata (Dark form)

    Its awsome looking hope it stays like that:) and hope its a female for ya! Josh
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    Look at what I found.

    Very nice find I've only ever found one widow in my life and it didnt last long in captive..... metzgerzoo, You can buy Black widow go to search the classifieds there most people have them for farley cheap. Josh
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    Stupid question.. dont laugh

    T's can work there way outta there webbing you shouldnt risk getting bit to help it lose i made that mistake with my cobalt......Anyways P.murinus(usumbara) is gonna web the heck outt of its cage if you havent already found that out :}.
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    Name your T's!

    I named my pinktoes pinkie and the Brain......... My cobalt dosent have a name yet and my Rosehair's name is Spudds.....
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    Want to buy

    I'd like to see more also! very nice X.immanis Steve!
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    What T is this...from Petco

    11.99 cant beat that! its a B.smithi WOW you are really lucky to bad i wasnt there or i would have it ;P
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    ohio orangeish/red centipedes

    what ever it is i've got a ton under my dogs house...
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    6 molts this week and counting!!....also if you guys could sex this molt?

    Well not that my vote counts but its male. josh
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    My A. Versi molted~!

    what size is she/he now?
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    New King Baboon !!

    if its not female i no about a millon breeders who would pay you top dollar for a mature male C.crawshayi since they are very hard to find.Anyways congrats on the new Tarantula. josh
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    My first T!

    Welcome to the hobby g.rosea's are great like they said do a search you'll find lots.
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    Old labeled spider (ID needed)

    looks like a aphonopelma of some sort??? could be wrong tho. Josh
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    Josh Leach (Papa Smurf)

    I made an atempt to make a refund even tho he wasnt home to sign for the spiders the post office said they left a notice at T.j's house that his package would at the post office, 3 hours later the package was signed for by T.j explain this to me T.j? I know 3 hours isnt much but i told him if he...
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    Look at it's colours

    very nice looking P.irminia I had a chance once to get a 3" for 30 bucks at a reptile show and passed it up wish i wouldnt of now. :(
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    Updated pics of my P. regalis male

    hehe. already answer'd that question
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    I just need some quick advise!

    In about 2 days clean it out thats enough time for it to hardden up a little i think.
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    suggestions for digging up my h. lividium?

    Best things to use when working with any Tarantula is a glad ware bowl catch it in the bowl then slide the lid under it and snap it shut use something long and soft for pokeing around at the spider so you dont hurt it. josh
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    Pulchra and Parahybana

    both look very nice! i need to get a brazillian black hehe.
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    What was your first and/or most memorable T?

    first was a G.rosea but the one that i like to consider my first my lovely A.seemani.
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    Josh Leach (Papa Smurf)

    What T.J Lusk didnt tell you is that he didnt sign for the spiders they sat at the post office for hours and hours.... He was rude and threw fits like a small child, he sent the moneyorder before i said to and then complained when i couldnt send the spiders out the same day i got the...