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  1. GalacticFurai

    Your favourite spider movies ?

    Lavalantula because of how bad the plot and CGI is. Hive mind lava rock "tarantulas" terrorize Los Angeles
  2. GalacticFurai

    “My roommate”

    My roommates stay in their beds all day, I have to cook, give them drinks every time! I keep telling them to get jobs and work out a bit but all they do is raise themselves up and hiss at me! Sometimes when I turn the light off I can see their two eyes glowing at me, menacingly
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    Trantla enclosure

    I hate this thread so much even though it's satire. It makes my hemolymph boil.
  4. GalacticFurai

    Sticky situation in business

    To remove the evidence, of course! :troll: but really tho why?
  5. GalacticFurai

    What are your experiences with a. seemanni?

    My seemanni usually just crawls around, doing nothing after I feed her. Sometimes (hasnt tried for a while) she'll try to climb and get out, but soon realizes she cant and she'll crawl back down. If she doesn't get food for a while or when she just feels like it, she'll go into her burrow and...
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    What’s your favourite part about owning a T?

    The feeling of being around a giant, cute spider is so fascinating and cool Also the amount you learn about these creatures when you keep them is huge
  7. GalacticFurai

    what is the appeal in keeping tarantulas?

    So you're fine with spending 20-50 dollars to feed a spider with another spider
  8. GalacticFurai

    Engaging the ignorant: I learned my lesson

    Dude this thread is two years old
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    Make up a stupid common name

    Giant clawed Christmas feast holy Jesus Christ all mighty goliath pinktoe birdeating birdeater
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    Hot day on the east coast. Who else’s T’s are feeling it?

    My b. albo has her butt in her water dish. If that's not the weirdest way to cool down, then what is?
  11. GalacticFurai

    Deals that seem too good to be true

    "Um, h-hi my name is OBT, n-nice to meet you" "ARRRGGHHH GET AWAY FROM ME NO ONE LIKES YOU"
  12. GalacticFurai

    Totally laughable caresheet!

    As I read further and further into the "care" sheet, I kept on saying "Oh, no.." louder and more annoyed. Even though it is quite old, it's still very horrific. SO glad that forums like these are up, educating people about how to really care for them. Spread the knowledge!
  13. GalacticFurai

    When people are curious

    At first my family was somewhat negative about getting big hairy, mean spiders that want you for breakfast. After I got my first tarantula, an a. seemanni, we had a conversation about what to name her. My mother and step father warmed up to the spider, but my brother is still iffy about them. At...
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    People eating tas- sorry But for real these people often lie about themselves too, they did a investigation on themselves to determine whether they did anything cruel and of course they didn't. If only do many more people see the s*** they do. Support local shelters (research them of course)...
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    Video about treating spider phobia

    "They use their hairs to smell" If i am wrong, correct me but w h a t
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    If Arachnids used social media.....

    Welcome Darcietheemo, and theBrain to the chat! Darcietheemo: so theres this human that moved my leaf when I wasn't looking and now I wont look at him anymore theBrain: hahaha, its been two weeks since I got new clothes and I'm still hiding from hooman
  17. GalacticFurai

    T keeper “isolation” ?

    My mother is a bit icky about them, but she loves them. My brother is a kill it with fire person, but he looks at them occasionally. One time he was talking to me and my avic was sort of pressed into the top corner where he was and got freaked out lol. Isolated? Not entirely, my friends either...
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    Dumbest Advice From People Who Don't Own Ts?

    you're underfeeding it every two weeks, feed it every day
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    pet till
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    Petco keeping tarantulas correctly!!

    This reminds me of the Petco in my town that actually takes care of all their animals (whoa), all the animals have great care and clean habitats, I go there for crickets (their crickets are small, like they label 1 inch crickets as large fml) just an overall relief to see that at least one store...