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    New school and Old school hobbyists why the divide in some places?

    I never experienced that. I've always found ATS members, in general, to be extremely helpful and willing to answer questions constructively. I started keeping tarantulas in the late 70s, then got out of the hobby for a long while. When I got back into it about 12 years ago, I was essentially a...
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    HELP! Rescue tarantula has Vaseline on eyes

    Why not super glue? Keepers and veterinary staff have used it for decades with good results. It just shouldn't be applied on joints or near the book lungs or spinnerets.
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    Pulled molt while T was still in the process, then cut it off. How wrong is this?

    No, she did not reproduce, nor would she have been allowed to in my care. The weakest do tend to get weeded out fairly early on in some species; and weakness and genetic anomalies propagated in others.
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    Pulled molt while T was still in the process, then cut it off. How wrong is this?

    After watching the video, it did appear as though the spider was not extricating itself normally from the old exoskeleton. I couldn't see the part that he said was stuck, though it did seem to be in the vicinity of the booklung, as someone else stated. Since he had already determined the...
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    Tarantula prices when first introduced

    In the 1970s, Euathlus smithi (now Brachypelma hamorii) were $5 -$10 for a juvenile, a large female might go for $25. "Pink toes" ran about $20. Most all were wild caught. Pandinus imperator were $3 to $5. A female with babies on her back might go for $15. Minimum wage was less than $5/hour...
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    I've worked with veterinarians from all over the country. Have yet to hear of any getting kickbacks. Hill's prescription diets are still the best prescription diets going, which is why they push them. For hospitals and clinics that still stock prescription diets, the clinic/doctor makes a mere...
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    Challenge For Hobbyists: Top 10 Tarantulas?

    If I had to trim down my current collection, these are the 10 individuals on my Keeper List, no particular order: Brachypelma verdezi Aphonopelma seemanni Grammostola pulchra Avicularia "metallica" Chilobrachys fimbriatus Nhandu tripepii Brachypelma boehmei Pterinopelma murinus Monocentropus...
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    For dogs: Bravecto - 1 oral dose every 3 months Nexgard - oral monthly Simparica - oral monthly Trifexis - oral monthly, includes heartworm prevention Credelio - oral monthly Comfortis - oral monthly For cats: Comfortis - oral monthly My dogs are on Bravecto. I don't currently have cats...
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    How Do You Handle People Who Ignore the Advice They Asked For?

    There will frequently be variations on a theme in regard to appropriate husbandry, but the basics will be very similar and knowledgeable keepers will be in general agrrement. On some topics, even the most experienced keepers may disagree, such as handling, which is opinion based.
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    Theraphosa hairs causing health problems

    I wear surgical mask and nitrile gloves when doing feeding and maintenance in general. Seems I'm allergic to cricket and roach frass, for one thing. The mask also wards off any stray urticating hairs and keeps me from inadvertently coughing, sneezing, breathing on my Ts. I wear the gloves as...
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    Review by 'Formerphobe' on item 'Joe Rossi'

    I happened to contact Joe shortly before he placed an order for import. This was to my advantage as there was a bigger list to choose from. Because the shipment was pending, I did not actually take delivery on my order for almost a month. (Also to my advantage as it gave me time to prepare.)...
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    My little Runaway

    A few years ago, during an insomnia-induced 3:30 a.m. spider feeding session, I discovered that I could open a large rubbermaid tub with my toes to access an emergency container with lid whilst holding an errant M balfouri cupped in my hands. Life and times of T keepers. LOL
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    Poll: What has been the #1 killer of your tarantulas so far?

    Bad molts and old age probably tie for number one at my house. In "bad molts" category, I include the ones that survived their last molt initially, then failed to thrive and ultimately expired days, weeks or months after the fact.
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    My T ate for three consecutive days: Good or bad?

    There was a thread on AB a number of years back that sticks in mind. If memory serves, the spider was an adult or subadult female G pulchripes that was offered food very frequently and never turned it down. "Junk in the trunk" was an understatement. She was kept in a short profile enclosure so...
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    My T ate for three consecutive days: Good or bad?

    They are opportunistic eaters. And, just like many other animals, including humans, if the opportunities present themselves, some will continue to eat.
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    Ephebopus murinus are considered aggressive I'm confused

    If it were to flick hairs at you, they wouldn't be from the rear. E murinus type V urticating hairs are on their pedipalps. They release them with their chelicerae. My adult female has been, for the most part, pretty easy going. Once, when I accidentally surprised her, she immediately flipped...
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    How’s your 50% chance luck turns out so far?

    Of the spiders I've raised from slings, many of the groups were sac mates, some not, I got: (sac mates noted with S) A seemanni 0.1 S- B albiceps 0.2 S- B albopilosum 0.2 S- B auratum 2.3 S- B boehmei 1.1 S- B emilia 4.1 B schroederi 0.1 S- B vagans 1.1 B verdezi 0.1 S- LP 1.1 S- P irminia 0.2 P...
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    'phobe's '15 photos

    Yeah, still trying to figure this out... Photobucket is soup...
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    'phobe's '15 photos Reorienting after not having had a computer for awhile. :-)
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    A seemanni fell and ruptured abdomen..

    You could try some olive oil on a cotton swab to loosen up the glue. Unfortunately, I doubt it will be very effective. You also run the risk of tearing the abdomen more with additional manipulations. Acetone will remove superglue from some surfaces, but would kill your spider. With the...