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    Some random pictures (snakes, fish, spiders oh my)

    i know this has no spine, but i don't feel like starting a new post
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    Some random pictures (snakes, fish, spiders oh my)

    here is one of my baby boas eating
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    Some random pictures (snakes, fish, spiders oh my)

    here is my new Two Spotted Pike Cichlid
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    Do Not Try This (H.gigas on my hand)

    I've found H. gigas to be pretty docile till they get to about the 5" mark... that is when they go a little defensive. They are all a little different in that respect though.
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    People just keep giving us snakes!

    nice snakes atrax! oh, btw, snakes dont need UV lighting, just a photoperiod. but if you already have it, it can't hurt :)
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    G. aureostriata eggsac

    I'll volunteer to do some counting..... i don't have anything else to do at all.... unemployment is wonderful. Hehehehe.... Congrats John.... but sorry about the bad P. cambridgei news.... I really wanted to have babies with you.
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    I Tried It

    if you are worried about pain, make a CO2 chamber. There are directions all over on the I-net
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    New boas (Rapunzel)

    This is a yearling female. She is 66% het albino and has really cool black stripe tail. very rare to come across. Absolutely the strangest looking boa i've ever seen. That's why i picked her up. I couldn't resist her. Has more black in her than any boa i've seen at this age that is a...
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    New boas (Rapunzel)

    This is a male from a hypo bloodline. Hypo dad, normal mom... he was the worst looking one in the litter. Cleanest pattern i've ever seen from a baby. EVER. Has a blue body hint... absolutely stunning... i'll get better pics of this one for you all for sure.
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    New boas (Rapunzel)

    male 100% het albino very dark and interesting looking peruvian grandparent
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    New boas (Rapunzel)

    These are the boas i have. Rapanzul, i'll email you prices of ones you're interested in... i don't have your email. to do this privatly, but at least you have pics now. Female, 100% het albino pretty normal looking baby.
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    2 new female Candoia

    They are more or less just pets, though i need to contact a couple people about getting a mature male for a breeding effort. No, there is always more room for snakes. hehehehe.
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    2 new female Candoia

    and another one. one is quite sweet but the other girl left me w/ quite a bit less blood while moving her to her new home.
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    2 new female Candoia

    Picked up two five year old female Soloman Island ground boas this weekend. both captive bred virgins. they are one of my favorite looking snakes, but i've never wanted to deal w/ a juvinile one.
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    Obtained a GORGEOUS Guyana Red Tail today!

    I'm a boa fanatic, however, Guyana redtails are usually BCCs, not BCIs.
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    Selling my Bearded Dragons

    I want em! if you can ship, you have a good home here for them Bryan :) sorry you have to get rid of them
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    New boa

    Thank you Gillian :) it took about 15 shots to get 3 good ones with her moving all over, but thats the beauty of a digital camera... don't waste money developing bad pictures :) Marcie, i got her from Joel... same guy you got your ball python from. Him and a buddy have a boa project (40...
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    Docile/Non-venemous Arborial Snakes?

    There isn't really such a thing.... well not exactly. amazon tree boas are a great starter aboreal... but they arn't docile. a CB one wont be a problem to deal with, but might snap at you once in a while. Jungle carpet pythons are ok looking, but a lot easier to deal with. really with...
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    The Better Snake

    I love red tails... her is my big moody girl :) shes sweet though