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    Horrid King Assassin Bugs dying for no reason?

    I keep my adult P. horrida in a bone dry tank with no substrate and a 16oz deli cup with lid on and a hole cut in the side and about 1/2 full of damp coco fiber for egg laying. My original group started maturing and I put the first laying container in with them in November. After a few weeks I...
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    Cube enclosures

    I've always said that custom built enclosures are way too expensive and that they are worth every penny. Of course when I said that I was usually referring to larger reptile enclosures but the principle is the same. How often do we see custom enclosures listed at whatever price and think "that...
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    Cube enclosures

    I agree I like pretty much everything about the cages and even the 1/8 is fine for the rest of the construction except the door. I'm sure a cage made from 1/8 inch would warp no matter what company made it. I'm glad you pointed it out. I'd hate for someone to see my review and think all their...
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    How To Feed A G. Pulchripes Sling?

    I agree to a point. T keepers are not as concerned with a variety of food items as reptile keepers are. Frozen items may be more convenient though in some cases although I don't consider crushing the head of a live mealworm or two to be a significant inconvenience. When you are feeding a...
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    Cocopeat fibre?

    Personally I hate the longer fibers as they always seem to migrate to the surface. I will screen mine for some purposes (I can see cold blood rolling his eyes right now. I know he just loves the stuff ;)) and now I am just waiting to find a use for a bucket full of long fibers. I'm sure they...
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    How To Feed A G. Pulchripes Sling?

    Good advice. I second (or is it third) the suggestion of mealworms. Most slings I have dealt with are excellent scavengers of pre killed prey. I don't know how many T's the OP has or how many crickets they go through and I don't want to hijack the thread but my comments may be pertinent to...
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    Sorry - more whipspider drama

    I have not. I know red runners can climb and fly a little bit so they are pretty much out. Not sure about the little Kenyans though. I thought they needed a substrate and I really don't want to deal with that. As far as the D. medius go he only deals with BAM pet stores. He will sell to me...
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    Sorry - more whipspider drama

    Sounds good we can trade. I also have a bunch more mealworms for you if you need them. I hope everything works out. Thanks for posting this by the way. I was looking to pick up some D. medius from a wholesale friend of mine and I probably would have assumed the care was pretty similar to D...
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    Cube enclosures

    The one I have is 1/8 inch and it has the dreamco logo. It was cheap enough, I got 5 of them for $100.00 at Tinley Park last year, and it works so I'm not really complaining but I wouldn't buy any more of them. On their website they have 1/8 and 1/4 options so the 1/8 could have been an earlier...
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    Sorry - more whipspider drama

    Sorry to hear that. They are tough. So tiny as newly hatched. I've got another female carrying now along with another female D. diadema. Unfortunately I lost my only adult diadema male. I'll have to wait for one of the youngsters to grow.
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    Nhandu chromatus as a second t?

    As someone on a Packer forum I frequent calls them "the drive by disagree"
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    Price for Hissers

    It sometime astounds me what vendors charge for common hissers (portentosa) at some shows here in the midwest. I've seen them for 10 bucks each at one show I attend and 5 at others. These things breed like ... well they breed like cockroaches for crying out loud. They are not some rare...
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    Nhandu chromatus as a second t?

    Even though they are more aggressive or more defensive than a lot of spiders N. chromatus have an advantage over many of them by being a species that is not going to build an extensive web or burrow system which makes it easier to know where they are when it comes time to do enclosure...
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    Always check your masterlocks before locking them!!!

    I don't know about the rest of you but I really want to see the spider he has that needs a lock like that.
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    Sorry - more whipspider drama

    You just happen to know a whip spider super breeder Dennis. :angelic: There are still plenty of WCs around. Especially D. medius as Aphono and mantisfan have said. As far as husbandry goes yes it's pretty much the same for WC vs CB but it's the acclimation that can be tricky. By the way have...
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    Cube enclosures

    Just a word of warning about some of the dreamco 8x8x12 vertical enclosures. The acrylic is very thin and the door will warp very quickly (like within a month) The door has warped inward and there is actually a gap at the top and bottom. I am speaking of this enclosure in particular I have no...
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    I have a (maybe) stupid question

    You've never worked retail and had to deal with the public have you :D I say this jokingly (sort of) while remembering a customer who, while looking up at a 30 gallon tank filled with white tetras and black tetras, asked with 100% seriousness "which ones are the white tetras. I know he was...
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    Interesting article about 99 million year old lice

    My mother in law used to tell stories about how she used to watch these lice get trapped in the amber when she was a little girl.
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    Psytalla horrida, your insights please?

    I know this is an older thread but I thought I would chime in with my experiences with these awesome animals. I bought a group from jseng over the summer (I think it was over the summer, I'm a terrible judge of passing time) all were nymphs of various ages and I started with close to 30 of...
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    Feedback Request Survey - Link Directory

    Like the majority who voted I also had no idea it existed. That said I usually only utilize a small portion to any forum I belong to. In this case its the for sale ads and occasionally the discussion forums. I'll check out the ones that interest me and if I like them I will put them in my...