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  1. Dave Jay

    Are there any non "jumping spiders" that can actually jump?

    And if Jackie Chan ever needs a stunt double just ask me to catch a huntsman.
  2. Dave Jay

    My Emperor Scorpion Just Gave Birth: Need Advice

    @darkness975 is my info sound? I don't have first hand experience with the species. Thanks :)
  3. Dave Jay

    Are there any non "jumping spiders" that can actually jump?

    Oh no, these are on the wall and jump straight at you if hassled too much. No doubt it's an evasion strategy but they end up on your face not a nearby tree or bush.
  4. Dave Jay

    Queen Ant, Adelaide South Australia

    Hey @Dennis Nedry , Ant documentary on channel 2 right now
  5. Dave Jay

    Queen Ant, Adelaide South Australia

    No worries, I just know how some people like to collect specimens from various localities. I'm surprised with the difference in Black Rocks collected from different locations, and I did a bit of a study on colour variations in centipedes in a selected area which showed abrupt changes in colour...
  6. Dave Jay

    Desert Scorpion

    In general males will have a leaner longer look about them, your pic from above had me wondering though.
  7. Dave Jay

    Queen Ant, Adelaide South Australia

    Thanks Dennis, I just put her in that enclosure because it was a "blank" I had sitting around, I'm still not sure if I'll keep her or let her go. If she's of any interest to you being from a different state I can post her to you for free. I just happened to spot her and thought I'd scoop her...
  8. Dave Jay

    Desert Scorpion

    This is Urodacus yaschenkoi? What you look for is if the operculum (a plate covering the genitals) is split or one plate. A females will be one oval plate , a males is rounder and shows a split down the middle . Yours looks quite oval so I would think female but I can't see close enough to see...
  9. Dave Jay

    Help finding a suitable terrarium

    I think your friend may have suggested a male as you'll get a big spider without laying out a lot of cash to perhaps only decide later that tarantula keeping is not your thing, a cheaper way to investigate a potential hobby?
  10. Dave Jay

    Funniest/Dumbest experiences you've had with sellers

    I owned a pet shop, birds, fish, herps, inverts etc, no guppies, puppies or kittens, mostly uncommon or oddball animals you wouldn't find in your average pet shop. I had lots of "dumb" as well as ignorant customers but the earlier comment in the thread "what time does the 12 o'clock show start"...
  11. Dave Jay

    When and why did crickets become the go to feeder insects?

    I think the main answer is contained in the question. Where cockroaches could possibly find suitable breeding conditions in your average house in the UK or US and other countries with the same style of housing crickets are unlikely to find areas of substrate suitable for laying and hatching...
  12. Dave Jay

    Dose anyone know how to start a fly maggot farm

    Black Soldier Flies can be bought online, they eat a sort of porridge with dried milk powder as the protein source. There's lots of info on how to raise them. There are lots of videos for using wild flies once you start searching but here's the method I decided on, if I can explain it properly...
  13. Dave Jay

    Insects you really don't like?

    I remember as a kid reading an issue of Tropical Fish Hobbiest with Axelrod mentions being told by the natives to tie a thong onto his penis to stop the fish lodging there.
  14. Dave Jay

    How much water do I add using a funnel to the substrate for an Aphonopelma seemanni?

    I just set up all my enclosures for everything as or like a false bottom set up, just add a tube or two when putting the substrate in and the water is added straight to the bottom. Once you've had it set up for a while you know "X"ml of water every week/month/etc is the usual amount needed. No...
  15. Dave Jay

    Insects you really don't like?

    I'm not too fond of leeches! I was reading a care guide the other day where it said they are simple to feed,just attach it to your arm and it will fall back into the tank when it's full! Not me!!! There was an interesting (in a weird way) documentary about leeches living in peoples sinus...
  16. Dave Jay

    We found a tarantula covered in Snow

    It's surprising that they could still move so fast.
  17. Dave Jay

    Queen Ant, Adelaide South Australia

    I found this ant in the city today and I thought I'd capture it for some pictures and perhaps keep it to maybe start a colony or pass it on to someone else. Of course I can always let it go again where I found it, I'll be back to the location a few times next week. I thought @Dennis Nedry might...
  18. Dave Jay

    My Emperor Scorpion Just Gave Birth: Need Advice

    Yes, disturb her as little as possible. Some people say feed the female at this time, some say feed freshly killed prey others say no food at all. Personally I would add a crippled or killed feeder only if she would usually be ready to be fed and hadn't eaten for a while. The babies won't eat...
  19. Dave Jay

    Scorpions adjusting venom *article*

    @AusBugKid , I know the information on yaschenkoi is in Mark Newtons book but I'm sure it was also mentioned in other articles and caresheets he wrote. His website is "the spiral burrow" and he also wrote caresheets for the green scorpion site which is now defunct but the caresheets are there if...
  20. Dave Jay

    Fluorescence In Arthropods

    What else have you found that glow in uv light? Apart from scorpions I haven't come across any so far here in South Australia. I found a lot of tennis balls though!