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  1. Maxrpm

    1/4 sling enclosure

    walmart has plastic snack cups.. 20 for 3 bucks.. work great for slings.
  2. Maxrpm

    Review by 'Maxrpm' on item 'Inland Sea Exotics'

    Excellent communication. Prices were great. Nice selection of tarantula's. Shipping had to be delayed due to a hurricane but totally understandable. Even though it wasn't going to hit his location he was worried that it may delay the package. Shows he cares about the animals he sells and...
  3. Maxrpm

    Review by 'Maxrpm' on item 'Elportoed'

    Great guy to deal with. Communication and updates to shipment were excellent. Packaging was great and no DOA on my purchase of 600 mixed dubia.
  4. Swift's Invertebrates

    Review by 'Maxrpm' on item 'Swift's Invertebrates'

    Just getting back into hobby and purchased some slings. Arrived happy and healthy. Packaging was excellent. Will definitely purchase from him again.
  5. Maxrpm

    Patrick (patrick86 formerly behindyou12)

    Another outstanding transaction. Received 5 A. versicolors and a E. cyanognathus that were very healthy and feisty. Excellent packing and fast shipping!!!! Thanks again Patrick
  6. T. Blondi

    T. Blondi

    Guessing male???
  7. Maxrpm

    Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens lifespan questions

    I had one mature into a male in a year. Got him as a second instar sling. Fed twice a week until 2" mark then fed every other week. I even fed him under sized roaches but he just kept on molting. Sadly i sent him off to breed and he got ate. Three weeks post ultimate molt.
  8. Maxrpm

    US Dealer Involved in Smuggling revealed in court documents

    As much bashing as Paul is getting for basically stiffing the government of money. Im starting to wonder if maybe Paul got narced on and it back fired because he his still in business and a major importer/exporter got busted got thrown in jail. Perhaps this major importer/exporter was also a...
  9. Maxrpm

    Are these mites? (photo attached)

    I just got hit by grain mites in my dubia colony.. Ordered some of these tonight. 50 something dollars with overnight shipping.
  10. Maxrpm

    condolences to Tarantula Inc

    My prayers are with you and your family.
  11. Maxrpm

    US Dealer Involved in Smuggling revealed in court documents

    WTH... That took me 1 minute to read. Where's my other 4 minutes??? I've been robbed :mad: :D
  12. Maxrpm

    US Dealer Involved in Smuggling revealed in court documents

    I realize the law doesn't matter whether they were wc/cb. I was making the point that they were only trying to save money and in this case replying to Kens post that brown boxing internationally is the same as using USPS in that they weren't trying to smuggle illegally caught spiders but...
  13. Maxrpm

    Ditch the Dubia!!!

    I smash the heads on all my dubias when I feed my T's. Keeps them from burying themselves and they don't play dead. I can throw em in and if they don't get ate they are easy to find.
  14. Maxrpm

    US Dealer Involved in Smuggling revealed in court documents

    I'm guilty on all three accounts.. I'm just as guilty for breaking the law as is Paul.. Severity of the crime doesn't matter.. I broke the law. Thats why there are different punishments for each crime. ---------- Post added at 05:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:15 PM ----------...
  15. Maxrpm

    US Dealer Involved in Smuggling revealed in court documents

    I'm wondering how much of this is just a witch hunt. Shipping internationally or across state lines illegally is still illegal and can't be justified by the severity of the punishment. Shipping USPS is just as illegal as shipping without proper documents internationally. There is no honor...
  16. Maxrpm

    G rosea's don't like it wet.

    My female G. rosea lives next to her water dish and is very rarely away from it. T room hovers around 70% humidity and 78 degrees.. My RCF G. rosea never comes out of her hide. If she does it's only late at night when lights are off. Enclosures sit right next to each other.. Like humans...
  17. Maxrpm

    Kochiana brunnipes

    Thanks. Surprised more of these aren't in the hobby.. absolutely beautiful tarantulas.
  18. Maxrpm

    Kochiana brunnipes

    Are these really rare in the hobby? I can only seem to find limited information. From what I have found they come from a Brazilian rainforest. Anyone one have any information on these such as terrestrial, arboreal, humidity, maximum size and is there a common name? Thanks
  19. Maxrpm

    Patrick (patrick86 formerly behindyou12)

    Positive!!! Received another order from Patrick. All arrived alive and very healthy. Packing was excellent, communication was very prompt. The prices.. Wow I don't think i've ever seen anyone take care of their customers like he does. Not only were the 4 slings I ordered from him...
  20. Maxrpm

    Paul Becker AKA paulatpetshop (

    Another Excellent Transaction!!!!!! There's a reason over half of my 35+ collection of tarantula's has come from Paul. Excellent customer service and awesome packing. My recent order again arrived healthy and very spunky. Took some time getting the OBT and P. irminia back into the vials...