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  1. Scorpionluva

    Favorite genus

    Leiurus is my current favorite genus with uroplectes being a very close 2nd lots of color in the uroplectes but i love the attitude of leiurus ( especially since i have 9 species of them ) :hilarious:
  2. Scorpionluva

    New uroplectes collection

    Those are some nice uroplectes ya got there ;)
  3. Scorpionluva

    C. Vittatus pregnant??

    the mama will help the little 1 get onto her back again but if theres something wrong with it ... it probably wont live and she wont help it back on her
  4. Scorpionluva

    Different Androctonus Sp. Friendly with each other???

    @ArachnoDrew ....... @gromgrom also kept P transvaalicus with a P liosoma before but not sure how long they stayed that way I know from seeing crates of scorpions being opened many years ago .... there were androctonus australis , hottentotta trilineatus + parabuthus transvaalicus all in the...
  5. Scorpionluva

    My Tityus stigmurus brood

    Congrats Tom ! You can keep them communally or housed alone ( alone is the best option to keep as many as possible alive ) I've only ever seen 2 become cannibalized by siblings but 2 is 2 many if it can be avoided you know how to care for them already so i won't offer any advice there lol
  6. Scorpionluva

    Need some info about scorplings

    C sculpts usually eat within a few days of being separated from mama if they are hardened up enough I made a rhyme that makes it simple to remember when to take them and put them in their own tanks If they glow .... they're ready to go Use a UV light and see if they glow as much as mama...
  7. Scorpionluva

    Do all scorps molt upside down?

    @ArachnoDrew yep atleast half my leiurus molt upside down while the other half seems to do it Right side up on the substrate My Heteroctonus junceus are odd since its 50/50 with half using vertical bark to molt while the other half molt right on the substrate There's never a set standard...
  8. Scorpionluva

    Feeding a mother scorpion?

    Honestly it all depends on how long she ate before birthing will determine if I feed my females while they have babies on her back but I really try not to feed her until ive removed all the babies Although sometimes I feed the momma if she's being a nasty witch towards me when retrieving her...
  9. Scorpionluva

    S. masaensis tagged me

    Yeah i got stung on the tip of my left pinky finger and it still feels like a hot needle is stuck in it almost 2 years later If I bump it lightly - it's extremely painful Constant reminder of my own stupidity and I'll never let it happen again
  10. Scorpionluva

    S. masaensis tagged me

    Don't be scared of either be respectful , cautious and careful - yep you heard that from a hypocrite who's been stung too many times for being careless and stupid lol
  11. Scorpionluva

    S. masaensis tagged me

    Picking up LQ's by the tail is probably the least likely way to get stung and they usually go kinda limp on ya when you pick them up They don't have really strong tails as compared to androctonus or parabuthus which can literally spin their tail and still sting you while holding them
  12. Scorpionluva

    S. masaensis tagged me

    Quite a few of my stings are in the old sting reports but the LQ sting happened after the format changed on here so i never posted a sting report of it I didn't get treatment for the sting because there's really not much that can be done for it as far as I know it was a 4th instar LQ that...
  13. Scorpionluva

    S. masaensis tagged me

    @MikeofBorg Just be thankful it was a very mild scorpion that got you and not the 10+ that ive been stung by over the years leiurus quinquestriatus is NOT a good 1 to be stung by .... my pinky finger reminds me every day for 2 years now Also I don't believe the sting reports work anymore...
  14. Scorpionluva

    My 27th brood of Heteroctenus Junceus

    I'm sure you will love them ! As many of these as ive sold I figured this country would be overran by them by now :hilarious: honestly they are very easy to keep and breed
  15. Scorpionluva

    My 2nd Uroplectes Otjimbinguensis brood :)

    Pm sent to ya ;)
  16. Scorpionluva

    Emperors fighting, or mating?

    Yep looks fine if theres too much wrap on it you'll start getting mold on the sub so keep an eye out for that but you should be fine now hope you get to produce some babies in the future !!
  17. Scorpionluva

    Emperors fighting, or mating?

    Yep I've used plexiglass or plastic wrap can be used to cover 80% of the screen on top which should help keep it moist alot easier That's odd you found the sperm in the water dish tho lol might want to put the water bowl in a corner so the male can place it on a better spot for conception...
  18. Scorpionluva

    Suddenly gave birth

    You're welcome its a little confusing if you've dealt with other inverts that are counted differently and I have no clue how the others work since i only keep scorpions lol
  19. Scorpionluva

    My 27th brood of Heteroctenus Junceus

    Beat me to it lol Thanks Tyler
  20. Scorpionluva

    My 1st Leiurus Hebraeus Dark brood

    19 so its a smaller brood but happy we'll have some to raise bro