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  1. chanda

    Where are all the Adult Females?

    The majority of those large spiders that were readily available 10 or 15 years ago were wild caught. These days, there are fewer adult spiders (particularly females) on the market because there are a lot fewer wild-caught spiders being imported. There have been a lot of restrictions imposed on...
  2. chanda

    Hitchhikers - Roaches

    Those look like they may be wood roach nymphs (Parcoblatta sp.) They're "outside" roaches - not the home-infesting sort. Compare to this one: or this one:
  3. chanda


    By "dirt shell" do you mean his pupal case? As in... he was a beetle larva, then he constructed a little dirt shell around himself to protect him while he was pupating? When insects pupate, they do so in their own time - not yours. You need to exercise patience and leave them alone during this...
  4. chanda

    Snout Mites (Bdellidae)

    Awww... you killed it? I thought you said you were going to try cultivating them?
  5. chanda


    One thing to keep in mind if you are going to keep Balfouri communally, but want to breed them at some point, is that you are most likely going to have to introduce additional spiders at some later point. If all of the slings you start with are the same size, and all are kept under the same...
  6. chanda

    I think i have been bitten

    It is impossible to tell what - if anything - bit you, just from pictures or descriptions of bites, blisters, or other skin conditions. There are a great many things that can cause skin reactions, many of which have nothing to do with bugs or spiders - and the resulting lumps, lesions, rashes...
  7. chanda

    Horrid King Assassin Bugs dying for no reason?

    Keep in mind - "multiple" is only one or two mistings a week, depending on how dry it is. When the weather is cold and the furnace is running a lot, it's more likely to be two mistings a week. When the furnace is not running (or when I get lazy) it may be only once a week. It's not like they're...
  8. chanda

    Cause for Concern?

    Removing some of the plants will not make the enclosure more "terrestrial." If anything, it will just make the cage less desirable for your spider, by decreasing the options for hiding places and anchor points for webbing. When a cage is referred to as "terrestrial" or "arboreal" what they're...
  9. chanda

    Horrid King Assassin Bugs dying for no reason?

    The reason I try to moisten the substrate a couple of times a week is for the eggs. When I just had nymphs - before they matured and started laying eggs - I kept them dryer. (I still gave them a misting a couple of times a week, because they will drink water droplets off the glass or off the...
  10. chanda

    do not know (ID request)

    That's a gorgeous female Kukulcania sp! In Texas, Kukulcania hibernalis is a good candidate - but both Kukulcania arizonica and possibly Kukulcania utahana could also be found in Texas, and they all look very similar to one another.
  11. chanda

    Horrid King Assassin Bugs dying for no reason?

    While any deaths are, of course, disappointing, you should keep in mind that it is normal and expected that some nymphs will not make it. Consider the number of eggs a single mature female may lay. If all of them survived, they would outstrip their food supply. Whereas humans invest heavily in...
  12. chanda

    Heat pack?

    When I've had to leave inverts in a car, I just put them in an empty ice chest in the trunk. (If it's going to be really hot, I'll also put in ice packs - but at the opposite end of the ice chest from the bugs, so they are not in direct contact with the containers.) At 55 degrees, you shouldn't...
  13. chanda

    How long can sling survive on a sealed box?

    The real question you should be asking is not whether a properly-package sling could survive the trip (it should be ok, depending on how long it remained in transit) - but whether you can or should be importing it in the first place. I do not know the laws of Brazil, but here in the US...
  14. chanda

    What kind of beetle grub could this be?

    From that picture? Impossible to say. But even with a better picture, most of the Scarabaeoidea look pretty similar to one another. Often, the only way to tell them apart is to examine their raster pattern (the pattern of hairs, spines, and bald patches on their "butts") under a magnifying glass...
  15. chanda

    What beetle is this?

    It's one of the Prioninae (a subfamily of Longhorn Beetles) - perhaps a Eurynassa species such as Eurynassa australis or a close relative?
  16. chanda

    Can tarantulas eat chicken/beef/ham/etc?

    Ham - which is smoked, processed, and heavily salted - would be out of the question, but there have been people who have offered raw meat (such as beef, chicken, or shrimp) to their tarantulas. Tarantulas can eat non-insect meat - just like tarantulas in the wild may occasionally eat other...
  17. chanda

    ant mimic assassin bug

    Yeah, that is not an assassin bug. The proboscis is too long and the antennae are the wrong shape. Assassin bugs have a short, sturdy proboscis. This is the long, slender proboscis of a plant feeder. Also, the antennae of this bug stay pretty much the same diameter (or may even get slightly...
  18. chanda

    ant mimic assassin bug

    What species of bug do you have? Are you certain that it is an assassin bug and not some other ant-mimicking species? There are a great many different bugs that resemble ants, particularly in the early stages of their development, and not all of them will have the same requirements. It would be...
  19. chanda

    Unknown indoor spider

    The picture is a bit blurry, but it's most likely the Giant House Spider, Eratigena atrica. (It most certainly is NOT a brown recluse - or any other Loxosceles!)
  20. chanda

    Insect ID from egg case

    Yes, that is a mantis ootheca - possibly of the Carolina Mantis, Stagmomantis carolina, or a close relative. Compare to this one: or this one: