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  1. Brian S

    User Brian's Tarantula Pictures

    Just got back from the store to find this fine specimen crawling up the side of my house. Just like old times I caught it. Moved it across the road. If it's a male it's not mature. Could be an actual female. This is kinda unusual this time of year. Normally only mature males are out roming...
  2. Brian S

    Mason jar scorplings

    Yes it will work. I have done just that back in the day.
  3. Brian S

    My first scorpion. Tips

    Look up at the pinned topics. You will see a post by skinheaddave on basic Emperor scorpion care. Yours will require similar care actually the same.
  4. Brian S

    BABY DEATHSTALKERS??!! "Leiurus quinquestriatus"

    *** molt... Dang auto correct
  5. Brian S

    BABY DEATHSTALKERS??!! "Leiurus quinquestriatus"

    Congrats!! Wait for them to leave Mom and then separate into small deli cups. They won't leave Mom until they molt. Feed as much as they will eat. I used to raise ALOT of scorp babies and I promise they will let you know when they are done eating. That is usually before their next month.
  6. Brian S

    Who's Behind the Computer Part 5

    That's a 6XD. Cold-blood, how's fishing up in your neck of the woods? Cold Blood, this is from April. These came on a Carolina rig. That was a good day
  7. Brian S

    Who's Behind the Computer Part 5

    Here's a goodun'
  8. Brian S

    Garter Snake....

    Hahahaha. Believe it or not, we used to win tournament on the spotted bass. We had alot of big ones here. Now they aren't as big but are very tasty.
  9. Brian S

    Garter Snake....

    I was hunting small mouth but the spots were biting. Wifey never complains about my fishing but I have to bring her some to eat occasionally. Well, she is fish hungry. Last time I went out it was a tournament and turned them loose. Today it was just for fun so I brought 3 in for her to eat haha
  10. Brian S

    Garter Snake....

    Just got off the lake and was cleaning fish. Looked down to see this garter snake having a toad for brunch. Surprised I didn't step on it lol.
  11. Brian S

    Got my new scorpions finally

    That will work fine
  12. Brian S

    Need some info about scorplings

    Ok, try to get them some small cricket in a few days. If they are ready to eat it can be quite entertaining to watch them get ''em haha
  13. Brian S

    How often do you feed your Scorpions?

    It can take a week or two before they eat. They will let you know when ready. Then they will eat about as much as you want to feed them until they plump up
  14. Brian S

    Need some info about scorplings

    What species? Ime it can take a week or 2 or so for them to eat. Go with tiny pinhead crickets. I never had any success getting them to eat cricket parts. Believe me, when they get hungry enough they are quite capable of taking down a cricket almost their own size
  15. Brian S

    Need answers on substrate mix and if I need to bake topsoil/potting soil

    Can you still get Schultz's Peat Moss? Wally world used to sell it and I used it for xeric to tropical spp. Don't have to do anything to it
  16. Brian S

    Feeding a mother scorpion?

    Don't waste your time until they leave Mom. After that, she will eat alot
  17. Brian S

    Do all scorps molt upside down?

    Mostly just "bark scorpion" molt like that. Burrowing and terrestrial spp molt right side up.
  18. Brian S

    Collection update (RARE BUTHIDAES)

    Yeah been awhile. I am actually getting the urge again. Had alot of fun doing that back in the day
  19. Brian S

    Best scorpions to start breeding with.

    Basically keep temps warm and substrate moist and it will happen
  20. Brian S

    Any cactus growers here?

    Aphono, we were in Peru in May. My wife is from there. They sell fruit of a large prickly pear in the markets. They call it "tuna". Is that what you are calling Peruvian apple? It is a large fruit slightly smaller than an apple