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  1. MintyWood826

    First Communal. How big should the enclosure be?

    It's more like all communals besides maybe M. balfouri.
  2. MintyWood826

    Your Beginner Tarantula.

    My first tarantula was a juvenile A. avicularia. My second ones were a B. cabocla, N. chromatus, and T. albopilosum.
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    Nhandu chromatus sling question

    It could be in premolt, but being this small there is a higher chance of it simply wanting to hide.
  4. MintyWood826

    Trans spider

    This is biologically impossible...
  5. MintyWood826

    WC Kukulcania hibernalis laid egg sac

    I wish I had the love rating right now!
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    Feedback Request Post Reactions

    Having different reactions available on different subforums is confusing to me, it's like multiple layers of which ratings I can use at any given moment. It made sense with just the original single layer (active, standard, etc) but with the added one it seems almost chaotic in my mind. Maybe...
  7. MintyWood826

    Today in the Spider Room?

    One of my spiders finally molted (although it wasn't a T). A T. albo sling of mine has been very busy remodeling their enclosure. They bulldozered one of their tunnels full of sub and it was lovely to watch.
  8. MintyWood826

    Mexican red knee not eating

    After this one molts, you may want to slow down on the feeding so that fasts won't start as quickly in the molt cycle and won't last as long.
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    Blondi question

    Yes, think of it as a 'leave me alone' sign. It's not predictable how long they will be in there, but this isn't unusual tarantula behavior.
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    Desert Tarantulas

    Based on the first message, it sounds like it is decorations that just look desert-y aesthetically. Am I interpreting that correctly? If so, it doesn't have to be a desert species, it can be another with sub that's more moist. Unless you want to have the climate inside the enclosure match how it...
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    crossbreeding in the same genus?

    Some species in the same genera can be crossbreed, but (as you know) it is very frowned upon and should *not* be done. Some species are muddled because of it; they won't allow hobbyist Poecilotheria to be bred to be released into the wild even though some species are very endangered because...
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    OBT Bite?

    I'm really glad you're feeling better! I might as well not tell you to make a bite report again since everyone's already said it.
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    Today in the frog room

    Pictures? :) I love this thread because I love frogs but can't own any
  14. MintyWood826

    Trantla enclosure

    Wait but if they need to roam free then Nyan has to replace the floors of his house with sub. And yeah, 4 is better. safe > sorry
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    They breed for me at room temp, but to keep them growing slower you can keep them in the fridge. If you don't have any baby mealworms, just cut one into smaller chunks and the sling will scavenge those.
  16. MintyWood826

    Trantla enclosure

    You can't forget to spray the enclosure with perfume and to change the substrate twice a day, with feathers as the sub for nights.
  17. MintyWood826

    Fat juvenile P. auratus

    Tarantulas are opportunistic feeders so some will just keep eating when offered food. I agree with those saying to stop feeding this one as it is very fat.
  18. MintyWood826

    Sling feeding

    It is fat enough that I might just wait until after its next molt to feed again. Prekilling is good for slings so you don't have to monitor a live feeder.
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    HELP! Tarantula arrived drenched in gross liquid?

    Like everyone else has stated, we need to see pictures. I believe it is a nickname for Back Water as they are horrible.
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    For the former, yes. For the latter, yes, they do clean up things by eating. I am not sure if they would consume a whole bolus unless they were in large numbers, though.