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  1. Mvtt70

    can a tarantula lay a 2nd sac?

    Like others said some species can but not GBB.
  2. Mvtt70

    First time sling owner

    Pretty fat it could be premolt, but it isn't as easy to tell as with New World species because there are no other tell-tale physical signs. I'd just keep trying to feed once a week and removing the food if it doesn't take it.
  3. Mvtt70

    1” Idiothele Mira Sling Not Eating?

    My male matured at under an inch so I'd make sure its not a MM.
  4. Mvtt70

    t not eaten since molting abdomen barely existent

    It doesn't look that small from this photo. I'd say its fine just keep trying to feed once a week and keep the water dish full (like always).
  5. Mvtt70

    Should I be worried about my A Avicularias tank heat?

    I'd keep tarantulas at 70 minimum. A space heater works well to heat up the room they're in, do not use heat mats or tape on the tank it can harm the T.
  6. Mvtt70

    T. Blondi

    Agreed. It doesn't look like there's a suitable hide in there either.
  7. Mvtt70

    New Q about C. Versicolor

    I'd just leave it for a day and see if it ends up taking it.
  8. Mvtt70

    Potential C. marshalli hybrid or genetic variation?

    Looks like marshalli though ventral photos help.
  9. Mvtt70

    Aussie t

    If its soaking wet I'd take it out and dry it/bake it (don't put the T back on it if its still hot obviously).
  10. Mvtt70

    Sling hiding, feeding

    I'd keep feeding the Hapalopus once a week and check if its eating. It should eat within a week or two if its a tiny sling unless its in premolt.
  11. Mvtt70

    Can water dishes soak up chemicals?

    I'd say you probably don't need to worry much you could probably use it.
  12. Mvtt70

    Haploclastus devamatha Care?

    I'd keep it like most other fossorials that like a little moisture in the substrate like Ephebopus sp.
  13. Mvtt70

    Pinktoe Problems

    Yup that's spider poop.
  14. Mvtt70

    Hello from India.

    Awesome, lookin good.
  15. Mvtt70

    Possible leg injury

    Not too clear on the damage from the photo, but if its only the leg it should be fine since they can detach a leg if they need to (or if they even just feel they should lol).
  16. Mvtt70

    Quick question - Noise and T's

    Agreed. Sounds like you're fine to me.
  17. Mvtt70

    Enclosure Modification for Slings (C. Versicolor and B. Albopilosum)

    I've used those, they are what Jamie's Tarantulas sells with the round vent placed on them. I just use a soldering iron to make a bunch of ventilation holes, easier than a drill.
  18. 10 balfouri sling enclosure

    10 balfouri sling enclosure

  19. Mvtt70

    Good size enclosure for 10 balfouri sling communal?

    I've seen multiple people keeping 10 in one such as the dark den and I think Tom Moran. These all were kept together from the same sack with the mother until they were shipped to me, obviously that enclosure was pretty big too.