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  1. SonsofArachne

    What pronoun do you use for unsexed tarantulas?

    She - for good luck ;)
  2. SonsofArachne

    Possible mislabel

    The pattern on the thorax gives it away - Stromatopelma calceatum does not have that.
  3. SonsofArachne

    Any regrets?

    I don't really regret any species. Because I have so many T's I even enjoy pet holes, when I see them it's a special surprise, but if I don't see them I have plenty of others to look at. The closest thing to a regret I have is my second Lp freebie. Unlike a lot of people on here I like Lps but I...
  4. SonsofArachne

    Who molted today?

    Update: my Theraphosa stirmi, Brachypelma albiceps and Pterinopelma sazimai still have not molted, ailtough my stirmi appears to be very close. Also, coming out of nowhere my Thrixopelma lagunas and both(!) of my Brachypelma emilia molted within a day of each other. The two emilia are smaller -...
  5. SonsofArachne

    Handling tarantulas

    When I need to handle my T's I place my hands firmly on the opposite sides of their enclosure and lift, then place the enclosure where I want it ;)
  6. SonsofArachne

    Native population's reactions to tarantulas

    I read a article a couple of years ago that stated that one of the threats P. metallica faces in the wild is that plantation workers routinely kill them when they encounter them. Good thing they're protected over there:rolleyes:
  7. SonsofArachne

    What is your approach or method for growing out slings?

    ^This^ other than keeping most (not all) on moister substrate, I really don't do anything different than with my sub-adult/adult T's.
  8. SonsofArachne

    The Great Shipping Debate...

    I would say it's because of fear on the dealers part. They're so afraid of paying the LAG and losing money that they want the T in your hands and past LAG as soon as possible, so giving LAG on anything past overnight is not a option for them. It's so rare to see LAG on anything past overnight I...
  9. SonsofArachne

    The Great Shipping Debate...

    If more dealers offered LAG on anything past overnight I would use the 2-3 day option more, but some of them won't give LAG past arrival at your door overnight let alone 48-72 hrs. In fact I made a thread about extending LAG times awhile back and I was basically attacked by some of the small...
  10. SonsofArachne

    Should Australia start allowing exotic T's?

    Knowing something about Australia's ecosystems, I was thinking along similar lines. Even without climate change, a majority of Australia would inhospitable to T's from tropical forests. Desert T are another matter though. Not knowing much about the invert keeping community in Australia, do you...
  11. SonsofArachne

    Filming Request - Large Spider

    It's just a TV show.....get over yourself.
  12. SonsofArachne

    Any Birders Here?

    While I don't specifically go bird watching, when I lived on the family farm or go on walks I look for them. I would say I have a fairly high knowledge of the local bird species and a above average knowledge of species worldwide. I've seen some fairly rare species (for my area) over the years.
  13. SonsofArachne

    Have yet to see Venezuelan Sun Tiger feed :(

    Oh I'm not worried, the rare occasions I do see her she's fat. I'd just like to see her do normal tarantula things, or even just see her. I recently bought 2 irminia slings and have seen them more in the first month then I've seen my female since I've had her, so I have hope for the future.
  14. SonsofArachne

    Have yet to see Venezuelan Sun Tiger feed :(

    This thread made me realize I've had my adult P. irminia over 2 years and have never once seen her feed. Of course I've only seen her maybe a dozen times since I got her, so......:ninja:
  15. SonsofArachne

    Pamphobeteus sp. "Solaris"

    slings go for close to $400 in the US. Can't imagine what they'd want for a confirmed female.
  16. SonsofArachne

    Your Beginner Tarantula.

    That's a horrible exchange rate. Tell your fiance that you're owed $285 worth of tarantulas - EVEN EXCHANGE!:devil:
  17. SonsofArachne

    I've been offered a Brachypelma Hamorii, should I take it?

    Well the main problem was not exchange rate it was that a 50 Euro F B. hamorii is apparently fairly expensive according to the Europeans posting here. A $50 F B. hamorii would be dirt cheap in the US. Tarantulas are normally much more expensive in the US than Europe. So it is kind of important...
  18. SonsofArachne

    Filming Request - Large Spider

    Maybe we're quick to judge because of the garbage that goes on with tarantulas in TV, Youtube, and Music videos. For my part I was just letting the OP know if he was planning anything like I mentioned not to waste his time here. All he needed to do was explain his intentions for the shoot in his...
  19. SonsofArachne

    I've been offered a Brachypelma Hamorii, should I take it?

    I think there was some confusion as the OP used "bucks" American slang for dollars, so a lot of people (me included) assumed the OP was American.
  20. SonsofArachne

    Rescued A.Seemanni

    This is nice when it happens, but seems to be rare. And I've never really heard of it in chain pet stores.