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  1. Bark

    Shy tarantulas

    I have owned a bunch of H Maculatas, but I am down to 1 female that I have had going on 10 years. She is as shy today as she was as a sling. She is very pretty. At this time of year I use a space heater to warm my tarantulas. The Regalis and the Versi all move to the side of their...
  2. Bark


    Positive! I am completely happy with the trade I made with Lance. Lance's communication was good, the tarantulas he sent were healthy, and his packaging is fantastic. I highly recommend him to everyone. Thanks for everything Lance!
  3. Bark

    Best Way to unburrow Cobalt Blue ??

    Here is my strategy for H Maculatas. While they are smaller than Cobalts, they are a bit faster. Best method: 1. Get a container that is bigger than the current one 2. Put the current container inside the bigger one and let the T come out on its own. Less desirable method: 1. Put...
  4. Bark

    Good starter list of T's

    I agree. Once you have to go to the store for crickets, it is just as easy to get enough for 1 tarantula as 20. Cleaning is so rarely necessary, space is the only limitation. My Regalis is the most docile non-Brachy tarantula. YMMV of course, but they sure are hardy. I have never...
  5. Bark

    A million millipede questions.

    I have been secreted on. You just wash it off, though it will leave a stain on your skin for awhile. The worst part of handling/keeping AGBs are the mites. The red mites are supposedly ok, but for whatever reason I could never keep the population of them in check. I think that is the main...
  6. Bark

    Comment by 'Bark' in media 'Platyomma Sexing'

    this one's brother just hooked out. The exuvias looks the same, so I have 2 males. Thanks for looking.
  7. Bark

    Comment by 'Bark' in media 'Platyomma Sexing'

    It looks male to me, but I swore the last molt was female. Plus this one has the dark brown coloring whereas my male had a light coloring.
  8. Bark

    Comment by 'Bark' in media 'B.smithi Female?'

    I see the flap, enjoy your girl.
  9. Platyomma Sexing

    Platyomma Sexing

    I swore this was a female
  10. Bark

    dyskenetic syndrome, or "THE TWITCHES:

    I had a b Smith and a n Chromatus right next to the cage of the poor fellow with DKS. Both seem to be doing great. Normally all of mine eat from the same group of crickets too. I can never be sure, but the fact is I fed this T and this T alone a mouse and he hasn't eaten anything else since...
  11. Bark

    dyskenetic syndrome, or "THE TWITCHES:

    I have had tarantulas for over 9 years and have never fed a mouse to one before. I have also never seen DKS before. Two weeks ago I fed a mouse to a male pamphobeteus platyomma who is one or 2 molts away from maturity. He now definitely has DKS. Someone who had a snake gave me this one...
  12. Bark

    AGB breeding basics

    Fruit flies will come from the fruit you will be throwing in there. There is no way to prevent flies and I doubt there is a way to prevent mites. I have been trying the 6+ inch depth soil method, plenty of leaves, cuttlebone, wet substrate for 2 years. I never had one baby. What is...
  13. Bark

    A.avic eating

    #1 rule of Avics: Make sure you have good ventilation. After you think you have made enough holes, drill 5 more.
  14. Bark

    Vivarium Question

    Looks like a nice setup. I don't think the T will appreciate the work you did. If I had that tank and wanted to make a vivarium, I'd go with dartfrogs or something that can be kept communally. My regalis webs 10X more than my Avic Versi. I hope yours leaves the plants alone.
  15. Bark

    VERY Stupid Question

    I'd ask the guy at the store if he has any broken pots. You may even get a discount.
  16. Bark

    Help...! I think my AGB is ill

    AGBs don't ship too well. You will get one that was shaken up a lot by the UPS guy, it may seem fine for a couple of days, and then it will lay on its side just as Animaniac's did. The sad thing is that most of them die over a period of days. :( Animanic, contact the shipper and see if...
  17. Bark

    h. maculata Qs

    I wouldn't worry about H. Maculata's conditions too much. I have never had a more hardy arboreal. Although good to have, they don't seem to require the ventilation, moisture, or even heat that Avics need. All of mine burrow, so you do need to have enough substrate for that to happen. H...
  18. Bark

    A. gigas help

    I currently keep 3 millies in a 10"x20" tank. I wouldn't keep any more than that though. When they aren't active it doesn't matter, but when they are all up 4 or more millies would look rather cramped.
  19. Bark

    Comment by 'Bark' in media 'P. Regalis'

    I'll see what I can do. I was hoping the color of the band would be enough. Thanks for looking.
  20. P. Regalis

    P. Regalis

    This one never leaves me a readable molt. It is about 5.5" diagonally, so I am hoping that if it was male, he'd have gloves by now.