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Scorpion Vaejovis carolinianus

Common Names
Southern devil scorpion

Sting Reports details

Latest reviews

Bite/Sting Date
Pain Level
Minor pain.
I was out hunting with Scorpdemon, his wife and a coworker when I reached down to try and scoop this little guy up. Unfortunately, My hand got in the way and I accidentally put my finger down on top of it.
About 1 1/2"
The initial sting was similar to a honeybee sting only lasting a few seconds and fading into a dull throb. Eventually it settled into a numbness that only lasted a couple of hours and would tingle quite a bit when a breeze hit the sting site
Medical Attention
No medical attention received
Lingering effects
There were no lingering effects.
This sting was a very mild one, as I've come to expect. The effects are initially somewhat painful leading to a much less intense throbbing or pulsing sensation that lasted only a couple of hours. On the whole, not the most pleasant thing in the world but also not something I look forward to. Everything from sting to no effects only lasted a couple of hours or so.

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