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Tarantula Tliltocatl albopilosum

Common Names
curlyhair, Honduran curlyhair
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Bite/Sting Date
Pain Level
Minor pain.
Was rolling grubs to warm them up and stupidly forgot to wash my hands. So as soon as I pick her up to her towards her cage, she “smelled” the grub on my hand via the chemoreceptors on her pedipalps. I should have know better
A half dollar maybe.
Pinpricks, lots of swelling and red on palm, blue on the back of hand
Very stiff and painful for about 2 weeks. The blue line crawled halfway up my arm before it finally faded, but still remained stiff.
Medical Attention
EMT called to remove spider safely, since I was unable to get off of me (and they promised not to hurt her at all either)
Lingering effects
Feels tight sometimes
Didn’t hurt at first, but as she continued to dig in, became pretty painful.
She held on for almost an hour, somehow still not realizing I wasn’t food.


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Bite/Sting Date
Pain Level
Minor pain.
How it happened: I wasn't active on Arachnoboards when this happened, but a few months ago my very sweet though slightly skittish B. albopilosum mistook my finger for a cricket when I was changing her water dish. No threats, no warning, just grabbed and sank her fangs in.

I held my hand as still as I could, watching her sink the fangs into the flesh all the way to their base, until she decided I wasn't actually food and ran away into her hide. At first I thought it was a dry bite, and applied a bandaid to stop the bleeding, then a few minutes later it started to throb. I think she put a lot of venom into the wet bite, since she was expecting a tasty treat, so seemed a bit worse than the other bite reports I have read, maybe because it was in my fingertip with lots of nerve endings...? Still, nothing some pressure and patience couldn't overcome.
between 3 and 4 inches
two pinhole/needle incisions that healed within the week, within the month I couldn't even find the incisions.
A dull throbbing in my left index finger for less than a day, could feel it throb to about the base of the first joint. After that day it would occasionally hurt a little when I put pressure on the injury, but not much.
Medical Attention
I took two Advil/ibuprofin to reduce the swelling and put a bandaid on it, which I had to change at least once because fingers are awkward.
Lingering effects
were surprising actually. For a few months after the first joint in my finger, near the bite would be sore. No other sore joints, just the one below where I was bit... not even the second joint on that finger, away from the bite. The reports of people who have mild arthritis are about what I felt, it would be stiff and sore, not a sharp pain. This lasted a few months after the bite, especially when it was cold or rainy. It's gone now. I assume the venom damaged the collagen and it just took a while to repair?
Fairly mild bite overall from a usually mild spider. I've been careful to move the water dish with forceps since.
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