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I enjoy keeping, trading and dealing isopods, roaches, tarantulas and many more bugs.
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Rare Roaches and Tarantulas
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  • Karsten is knowledgeable, experienced, and his passion for inverts/herps is undeniable.
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While I am local, I want to comment on the Iso Psycho's amazing service. This may veer into superlative, but it is very well deserved...

Karsten is an experienced breeder of reptiles and inverts who dedicates full-time attention to his work. To that end, his collection is absolutely mesmerizing. Not only does he offer inverts (I am fond of roaches and Ts) that are hobby staples, he has established colonies of species still not in widespread circulation (I wish I had pictures of his Red Goblin or Extinct-in-the-Wild colonies). When I went to buy a tarantula sling and some roaches, he was kind enough to give me a tour of his facility. I was floored--multiple bloodlines of identical roach species (his B. Giganteus really live up to the name), rare slings, impressive enclosures and supplies, etc. His husbandry is also commendable: all of his colonies are thriving (he took the time to allow me to see nearly all the roach and isopod species) and the individuals are in excellent condition. He seems to have dialed-in the minute aspects of feeding, experimenting with a custom food blend until he got ideal results.

Another noteworthy aspect of buying from the Iso Psycho is his generosity, he is happy to chat at length with hobbyists about minute aspects of care. Along with that, his prices are typically much more reasonable than many comparable vendors. I had to restrain myself from walking out of his facility with everything on the shelves. I only hope that he continues to expand his offerings in the future, since I intend to be a repeat customer.

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