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Casual hobbyist, yet have been rearing tarantulas since the early 2000's. After years of keeping most readily available species and types (NW/OW, terrestrial, arboreal, fossorial, etc) i've come to realize that I most enjoy keeping New World terrestrials, and keep a collection of between 20 and 30 specimens of various species from Aphonopelma, Brachypelma, Grammostola, Acanthoscurria, Nhandu, Lasiodora, Phormictopus, Pamphobeteus, etc.

I always offer up my males for sale when they hook out, it frees up my limited shelf space for a new batch of slings, as well as raises the prospects for more slings to enter the US market.

Whether staying casual or getting heavy into keeping a large collection again, rearing and raising these amazing creatures will always be a lifelong hobby for me!

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