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Stromatopelma calceatum

Common Names
Featherleg baboon
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S. calceatum bite, one of the scariest and worst experiences of my life.
Bite/Sting Date
Pain Level
Excruciating pain.
I was trying to pull out her water dish, when she decided to jump off the wall of the enclosure and run up the tongs. She tagged me on the tip of my ring finger before jumping off my forearm and (thankfully) back into her log.
4 inches when legs spread
Immediate puncture of the skin, visible swelling within 10 minutes; eventually swelling to 3x its normal size within a couple hours.
Immediate sharp pain during initial bite.

10 minutes after the pain had radiated up my arm; it felt like a deep, really bad sunburn, but throughout the entire arm, not just the surface. That's the best way I can explain it. Swelling on my finger was now visible.

Within 30 minutes I started having muscle spasms through my arm and VERY VERY painful cramps in my hand. I cannot begin to tell you how bad they hurt. I have not experienced anything like it in my life (and I've been tagged by Boiga dendrophila which wasn't pleasant, but it doesn't compare to this). My finger is now at least twice its size.

2 hours in and I check my temperature and have a fever of 102°F ; at this point I'm considering having my gf drive me to the hospital. I decide if the fever gets any worse I will go to the hospital. Luckily it didn't. I also have a weird symptom of cold sweats, to the point I needed to change shirts because it was too excessive. Spasms and cramps are still present, but not as severe.

2.5 hours in and I become nauseous, nearly vomit but I manage to hold it off. This was easily the 2nd worse part of the experience, behind the cramps.

After 5 hours I'm still experiencing all the symptoms but they are starting to ease up. It felt much longer than 5 hours. I decide to lay down.

I also forgot to mention that it felt like my heart was pounding for the first ~3 hours.

I managed to fall asleep after smoking some cannabis and woke up 7 hours later with a nasty headache and noticeable soreness in my arm. Finger is still swollen but not as much as the day before.

After 72 hours the swelling and noticeable symptoms are gone.
Medical Attention
I did not receive professional medical attention, though I probably should have.
Lingering effects
Just soreness and a headache the following days.
I am giving this rating because I feel that people should really be careful around this species. Do not underestimate tarantula venom just because they "Aren't lethal to humans." This T has the potential to cause you indescribable pain and although unconfirmed I suspect a vulnerable person could be killed by a particularly bad envenomation. You will not enjoy or be able to brush off the experience, I promise you that. The pain feels like it lasts much longer than it actually does. I would not advise getting this T at all if you have pre-existing heart or nervous system conditions. Its just too fast to risk it. I know people dislike the label "aggressive" for Tarantulas; but this is the only species I've ever witnessed deliberately jump towards you to bite, so take that for what you will.

I attached a pic I took of the initial bite. I lost my other pictures unfortunately after I got a new phone. This was the only one that was uploaded to my cloud account :/


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