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Centipede Scolopendra subspinipes

Common Names
Chinese red-headed centipede, jungle centipede, orange-legged centipede, red-headed centipede, Vietnamese centipede
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S. subspinipes bite
Bite/Sting Date
Pain Level
Major pain.
I flipped a rock and like the smart person i was, I put my hand under the centipede and it latched onto my middle finger right above the first knuckle.
at about 11pm of the night of the bite, my right hand looked like someone had got a surgical glove and blown it full of air until taught.
bite: 2:30pm

2:31pm - extremely strong burning in my finger tip

3:00pm - burning get significantly worse, now at a 8/10 pain level

4:00pm - burning slowly decreasing as my hand started to swell up

5:00pm - a milder, slower, aching pain started to creep up my arm

7:00pm - aching now at a 5/10 pain level and swelling getting worse

8:00pm - advil taken around 8:15 stops the aching

8:00am - (next morning) there is no aching and i'm left with an extremely swollen hand and this continues for several days
Medical Attention
no medical attention, except advil if that counts.
Lingering effects
extremely swollen hand for many days after the bite.
I try to be the most honest i can be when reporting a bite or sting because nothing is more frustrating than getting false information from people on the internet. this is a perfect example of a scenario where i expected the bite to be so much worse than it was in reality. hope this gives good information for someone!
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One nasty bite, or technically pinch
Bite/Sting Date
Don't know
Pain Level
Excruciating pain.
Trying to catch a loose centipede with the intention of getting bit
Maybe 6 inches
Swollen hands
I initially felt a stinging sensation at the site of the bites. I was bitten 4 times, twice on each hand. The stinging sensation gave way to an agonizing pain, similar to that sore feeling after punching a wall. But much worse. My hands swelled up and my friend called them boxing gloves. I was sweating profusely and found that if I put my hands under hot water, it would help alleviate the pain. It was 14 hours of Hell. It would be a good way to torture somebody
Medical Attention
Lingering effects
For several days, there was a sore feeling in my hands
One of my friends had a pet store. He asked me to watch it for him because he had something to do. I don't remember if I was free handling the centipede or if it was I had been curious to see what would happen if I was bitten. So when I caught it I grabbed it in a incautious way. I got bitten twice on each hand. I managed to keep the shop open but had to use fish bags with hot water in them for my hands. I have a mild psychopathic personality disorder so I don't learn well from mistakes. I had to learn this lesson a few more times but I have finally got it. I don't handle these guys anymore

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