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Centipede Scolopendra sp. "robusta"

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Bite/Sting Date
Pain Level
Minor pain.
So on Easter Sunday I brought it to my family dinner as well as a few other larger pedes for a show and tell of sorts. I first showed them it's docile, tolerant nature and then the question came up "can it really hurt you if it bites?". Knowing how mice don't die when they are bitten and survive till they bleed out or their head gets eaten, I figured "heck I'll test it out and then post the results on AB!". So as everyone watched I lightly picked up its back end knowing they will try to hold on with their maxillipedes if they get pulled backwards and sure enough this response was triggered. It pinched into the webbing between my thumb and index finger both maxillipedes went deep and held pumping for 5 seconds plus as I released its trunk it walked around onto my right thumb joint and pinched a second time but only one maxillipede broke the skin this time. It was dumping a lot of venom because clear yellow liquid was obvious on the skin at the site of each point of contact. It calmed down right after that and was as nice as ever.
Reasonable sized puncture holes
Super minor needle like pain, minor swelling, moderate itching
Medical Attention
None needed
Lingering effects
Minor Swelling at site of envenomations for 3 days after as well as itching.
5:37pm - 2 force induced pinches occur with no instant pain other then the puncture holes.

5:39pm - pain starts similar to being lightly poked repedidly with a tiny needle.

5:42pm - pain peaks, still very minimal none the less. Swelling started on both envenomation sites as well as minor joint aches in the area.

5:49pm - pain has subsided to less then half of its peak.

5:59pm - very minimal pain remains, still slight joint ach.

6:06pm - right thumb no longer has any pain, just slight ach in the area as well as slight itching. Left still has minimal pain present.

6:13pm - pain all but gone, minor muscle ach is apparent throughout both hands.

6:18pm - minor pain in both pinch sites but only if heavy pressure is applied to the area. Swelling peaks, still very minimal though.

7:00pm - no pain remains at all, minimal uncomfortable feeling of pressure from swelling I presume.

In the 3 days fallowing the envenomations the swollen areas itched a bunch but not intolerable, by the 4th day their was no selling or itching left at all.

My conclusion is that the rewards of interacting with these amazing creatures far out weigh the risks. I'm not telling you all to go hold your centipedes but this species poses little to no threat to anyone, they are reallllll strong though and fast so that should always be considered when handling these centipedes.

This was taken around 6:30pm and never worsened
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