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Centipede Scolopendra heros castaneiceps

Common Names
Texas Red-Headed Centipede
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Bite/Sting Date
Pain Level
Moderate pain.
*NOTE: I’ve been tagged by multiple species prior to this event, including S. polymorpha, S. morsitans, E. trigonopodus, and the same S. heros castaneiceps responsible for this "bite". I take note of this to demonstrate that even with some prior exposure to scolopotoxins, the ailments are not necessarily pleasant in future “bite” instances and don’t seem to be any more suppressed than would be expected from other neurotoxins found in various venomous snake species. In fact, the effects from this "bite” may very well have been among the worst effects of venom I’ve felt as of yet.

TOOK PLACE ON 11/9/2015 DURING AN ENCLOSURE CLEANING- lunged at hand and tagged me on distal phalange of left pointer finger while wiping down the sides of his enclosure
6.5" (excluding antennae and terminal legs)
Moderate swelling and muscle soreness, fatigue
1:10AM: Initial bite on distal phalange of pointer finger with a sudden jolt of pain throughout finger
1:15AM: Began experiencing burning sensation throughout entire finger
1:20AM: Burning sensation continues to worsen with no sign of decreasing
1:22AM: Notable swelling in local bite area is evident
1:24AM: Muscle aches in pointer finger become apparent
1:42AM: Soreness beginning to spread to rest of hand, burning sensation still prominent in localized bite area
1:59AM: Soreness has traveled up to the middle and ring fingers

*Woke up a number of times throughout the night to tourniquet finger with a cloth blanket in order to subdue pain and spread to some degree.

10:57AM: Pain has subsided in localized area, but muscle soreness spread to the rest of hand. Bouts of soreness are evident in other area, as well, such as knee, elbow, and mandibular joints
1:15PM: Pain finally began showing signs of significant decrease, albeit still persistent.
4:05PM: Initial bite area still stings, soreness is waning, but fingers are tender
7:17PM: Came back from a 1.5 hour workout and definitely noticed a substantial decrease in stamina throughout my body, especially in cardio. Fingers have gotten better, but still feel tender. I was definitely more tired than usual today and took a lengthy nap to compensate.
12:43PM: Pointer finger finally starts feeling numb, with the swelling going down substantially, but still remains prominent in most distal phalange (and very stiff!). Other two fingers are not so tender at the joints anymore.

After this, all that remained was a prevalent itchiness in the bite area for the days to come. The residual itchiness lasted for perhaps 3 days after the initial symptoms subsided. The fatigue lasted just as long.
Medical Attention
None; rinsed out the area instantly after initial contact
Lingering effects
Soreness, swelling, itchiness, fatigue
As with any centipede (or any invertebrate), it's not recommended to handle the animal, as it can both be a danger to you and the animal (stress or reflexive reaction from the animal attacking you). While the effects of this bite weren't terrible, this is certainly not the maximal potency this subspecies of heros can unleash. Be it due to the area of the bite or just from the animal not releasing a substantial amount of toxins into my body, the residual effects weren't terrible.
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